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Category :
  • Television & Commercial
Date Sent : July 31st, 2008
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : Winnetka
Job Country : United States
Expires : September 25th, 2008
Pay Currency : USD
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Star On Cinemax's “Coed Confidential, Spring Break”

The popular Cinemax series, "Coed Confidential," is now casting for its upcoming season entitled, "Coed Confidential, Spring Break." Production will be filmed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Selected talent must be willing to travel from LA to Florida or from Florida to LA.


FEMALE or MALE (20 to 25) - ENSEMBLE. Must be in great physical shape. Each of these characters have nudity and simulated sex scenes. Please only submit talent who are 100% comfortable with this.

FEMALE (18 to 25) - JOSIE. A beautiful, sweet, all too-sober freshman. She has a good sense of humor and is more than willing to join in on the fun.

FEMALE (18 to 25) - CIARA. The hottest girl in the universe. Mesmerizing in a bikini. She has no problem reeling the men into her web of ecstasy and then dropping them like a hot potato.

FEMALE (18 to 25) - JENNY. A beautiful young woman. She is scary smart but chooses to put her educational advancements on the back burner while she explores the new territory of sexy coeds on Spring Break. Her ability to hold down more than a few drinks gives her an upper hand with the drunken co eds.

MALE (18 to 25) - BRODY. Devilishly handsome. He has effortless charm as he bartends for the flirtatious drunk co eds. He is keeping a literal scoreboard of all the coed beauties he has conquered. He is however hiding his true feelings and desire to be a one woman man but she has to be the right woman.

MALE (18 to 25) - COOPER. A hunky jock, there isn’t a sport invented that he can’t play. Cooper is what the girls call a “man-whore.” He has slept with more girls than he can count. He continues to obtain willing participants because he is actually quite smart and charming when he wants to be.

MALE (18 to 25) - LARRY. He is a party animal but he can be serious about some things when he has to. Like beating Brody on the scoreboard. But seriously he is also very smart and kind of nerdy so he takes a bit longer to accomplish the conquering of the women. Spring Break is the perfect distraction to get him away from the books and into the girls.

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