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It’s easy to enter – just tell us the success you’ve had with New Faces below. The best success story wins!

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Enter below by telling us about your success! Type in your success story, and link to a video to add even more impact to your entry! Make sure to mention the name “Newfaces.com”!

Jennc1234 says:
Hi my name is Jennifer and I am so happy I signed up to newfaces.com!

I had literally been signed up for A DAY and a photographer found me and I did a photoshoot for a new and up-and-coming T-shirt company!

I love newfaces.com and I am on it every day! I feel lucky to have found it! Thank you newfaces.com!
Luluqt1226 says:
Hi my name is Lottie. I modeled for JC Penny, Target, Kmart, and Gap. I have also modeled for Sam Moon who has been amazing and the sweetest person ever.

I would love to do more so that I can write even more success stories for everyone to see. In fact one day I would like to write a book about all my success and how I got there and I know that in that book will be newfaces.com.

Thank you also for even considering me! LOVE YOU!
Redcheryl3 says:
I just started on New Faces!

I was always scared of the camera. One day my children and I began playing around with a camera phone, just having fun. I posted my snapshots and a pro photographer asked if he may take my photos; he said that I was very photogenic! I had a photoshoot with him, and I loved every minute of it! My new photos got so much attention, though I was not a professional model! I felt beautiful and sexy for the first time!

After three children, I have still only one life to live and it has not ended yet! Here I am trying to be a model!
Evelinatroli says:
My success story is amazing. I joined Newfaces.com and since, I have received offers from scouts and casting directors and I have even been invited to private casting calls for local commercials, which is more than what I would never have gotten if I wouldn't have signed up with New Faces.

After all that encouragement, I got the confidence to take part in drama classes without being shy and I even got a main role in a huge play. Because after the success, I was able to have confidence in myself and I was able to learn that I could do anything if I tried.
Yafa says:
I became part of New Faces just a few weeks ago. My experience has been nothing but positive. The casting directors quickly return my phone calls and continuously update me when submitting for an audition. I thoroughly enjoy this site. I was told to be easy to work with and take directions well.

I am a free-spirited girl who speaks with animation and excitement. I enjoy sports, reading, drawing and interacting with adults and peers. I look forward to my continued journey with New Faces.
Puppylove776 says:
My mom always told me the chances are 1-in-a-million of me becoming a star like my favorite actress Miley Cyrus, and so then I found this website through Google and I have been getting jobs!

I love to be in front of the camera or the spotlight it has always been my dream to be either a singer or an actress or a model or all of them!

Thank you for helping me get on my feet!
Klukoszyk says:
I am new to New Faces.com and have already started to make many connections that I need to make my modeling career take off in the direction I want... to the stars!

I wish I had known about New Faces back when my career started at the age of 18! I have worked for many up-and-coming photographers, in various settings and even artistic shoots, but the advice and knowledge I am gaining now is indescribable!
Sexyjade90 says:
I never thought I would get the chance to model after having heart surgery. But since signing up on New Faces, I have had many opportunities to model and have many dates up and coming. I have had two shoots so far!
RafaelSteven says:
I got called the other day to shoot as an extra. I have been called to auditions. And I can honestly say I feel it's gonna happen any moment. To me, I have already been successful in that I have a movie to call my own. Even if it's only as an extra, you can actually see my face in it.
Lavilladancer9 says:
I thought that I would never be able to model or act until I went online and search Google for modeling jobs and I saw a link that said newfaces.com and I said, "Well this could be a great opportunity."

So I tried it out, and then a week later this modeling agency called me and asked me to audition for them. When I auditioned for this modeling agency, I just thought "Wow! This is great."

Just because of this one website, I got discovered.
Lynzlyles says:
I never thought I would ever succeed on my own! This web site has not only helped me get started, but has also helped me take on a real career.
Emihof says:
Newfaces.com has gave me many casting calls to go to. I have been an extra in "Law and Order," and have done a photoshoot for Gap and other companies. I also got a call to be in "Spiderman 3" but unfortunately I couldn't go. I have gotten offers to be in modeling agencies too. My dream to be an actor/model has came true and New Faces has helped me have these experiences. Thanks so much!!!

Mccormickt says:
I have always dreamed to pursue a modeling or acting career. However, the only thing that was stopping me was the financial assistance to organize an agent. I was never going to turn my back on anything that I set out to achieve, so I jumped on to Google with a mission to find some help. After countless searches I came across "New Faces.com." I set up a profile and was extremely proud of the fact that New Faces was representing me in a way where agencies or anybody could view my portfolio in a safe and rewarding style.

I entered a modeling competition here in Australia. The selection process went on for 8 weeks and the marketing team looked through many profiles. They just so happened to find that I had a New Faces acting/modeling profile. I got a call at the start of the year saying that I had been selected!

I embarked on a 3-week photo shoot. I loved the experience and the rewarding feeling of seeing my face on countless billboards, newspapers, etc.

After so much success, I look back and think to myself how lucky I have been to find such an amazing, helpful, and exceptional website/company as New Faces. God Bless Newfaces.com :-)
Nhongcy says:
I joined New Faces in hopes of being discovered in the modeling and acting world. I made a great decision of joining this website community because I had received an e-mail to go for an audition for an upcoming modeling fashion show in L.A. I had gone down to L.A and went into the room being as positive as I could in hopes of becoming an Asian model. It was tough but the good thing was that I met and made new friends with many new people. I was so happy and I was able to have a great experience and learned many new things.
Shakirax3 says:
I have been on New Faces for just a day and already have jobs. This is a success. Anyone who wants to pursue a great career should try this website. Many other websites that I have tried are false but this one is for real. I encourage everyone to try, and I am hoping to continue my work. Thank you New Faces!
Basketball89 says:
I put my daughter Brittani on New Faces and now she is asked to star in new movies and play serious roles! She's been asked to star in scary movies, country movies, and even movies that have nothing but sad moments added to each scene. I am so proud of her. She acts right in front of me, and recites the lines that she will use! New Faces has helped her to be a wonderful actor and has helped her improvise! Did I not tell you she's a GREAT IMPROVISER?!

New Faces is the place to be!!!
Cocoababy says:
I have just registered with newfaces.com and already, I have agents calling me for auditions. I am proud of my success and happy that I have this site to help me out. Thanks newfaces.com!
Melissa09 says:
I just joined "New Faces". I wanted to join and give it a try because in my country there are not many opportunities for models like me. I am a petite model and I love print modeling although I have not had experience with commercial agencies.

I have done professional photoshoots (Lingerie, Pin Ups, Fashion, Mystical, Gypsy, Artistic Nude) with very PRO photographers who have not charged me for the photoshoots. I have also worked as a model in a few special events, but my priority is photography.

Thank you New Faces for the chance that you have given to me and to all of models that have joined you! =)
FOZIA says:
I barely just joined New Faces and already I've been asked to star in a Justin Timberlake video, set to be in magazines for Dior as the new face for a new line that Dior is bringing out, and going on tour with Lionel Richie (and I now date his drummer!) I've also landed auditions with Sony BMG Los Angeles and am set to head off to LA next month.

Life is so good, thanks to New Faces! Hollywood here I come!
Pippin36 says:
My lovely daughter Chloe has been in the New Faces spotlight since 3 mos old. Thanks to New Faces, my lovely daughter Chloe has been picked to be one of the next Huggies babies & made it to the top 3. Chloe is also in two coffee table books with a top publishing company out of New York. Chloe has done a lot of work for two local photographers. She also won many photo contests as well. Now Chloe is modeling for The American Girl Line of dolls & clothing.