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Enter below by telling us about your success! Type in your success story, and link to a video to add even more impact to your entry! Make sure to mention the name “Newfaces.com”!

Pimmel22367 says:
New Faces is the best website for casting I have fallen into to date. I have had so many casting calls from your New Faces Casting Calls list that I was just in awe and overjoyed. No other website has done that for me. Newfaces.com is the one and only casting website I am using because of the great success rate I have had with you.

I love acting and your casting calls are A+++ in my book. I have not found any listings like you have on your website so I am sticking with you there at New Faces. Why fix something if it isn't broken, right?

I have a great thing going with New Faces and look forward to a long time being a client with New Faces. I am telling my fellow actors about New Faces, as well.

Share the great news and I don't want to keep a good thing, such as New Faces, to myself, so I am telling all my fellow actors about you.

Sincere thanks from me, Pamela Immel, for being there and having such a fabulous casting website. There are so many other offers under New Faces as well, that I am utilizing. I just love new Faces!

Thank you so very much!

Pamela Anne Immel, Actor
Kerriknox says:
THANK YOU LORD FOR NEW FACES.COM! I got 1st place in 4 model competitions. I was also in a meeting with the manager of Vogue.
9917857 says:
Just wanted to say "thank you" to NewFaces.com! Your site is amazing! I landed the OnO Optical campaign because of NewFaces.com and the photographers who check this site out. NewFaces.com has been such a great boost to my career and I'm so thankful to be here! :)
Amberstar14 says:
Last year I got a call from the Miss Teen SC USA pageant representative. Since I have joined I have received many jobs and shoots. Thanks to New Faces I can have a professional modeling career!
KenziLinton says:
My dad lost his job and money was not coming in like we expected. My mom, just for fun, went on NewFaces.com and found a casting for Dove Self-esteem Project. She signed me up, applied for the ad, and I got in. They flew me out to Canada and I did a wonderful photo shoot. It was the biggest excitement of my life at that time.

That experience will stay with me forever and ever and it has brought up my hopes and dreams. So I want to thank www.newfaces.com for making my dream come true. I just can't believe all this happened to me.

Know that New Faces has been giving me this experience and I just will never be able to stop saying Thank you.
JujuSmith says:
When I signed up for Newfaces.com, I wasn't sure what I would get. Now, I've gotten so much more than I expected. I easily started my career on Newfaces.com. You can connect with top agencies and projects all around the world. The success stories are unbelievable! I feel I can contact agencies with a simple click. To Newfaces.com, thank you. And to all the people out there who want to start turning dreams into reality, join Newfaces.com!
Ohyup says:
I had a lot of memories with Newfaces.com. It helped me find the true talent in me, which i didn't know I even had. It helped me in any way it could, like its unbelievable! I did at least 10 modeling shows since I have worked with Newfaces.com! I told ALL my friends to join and they loved it! I even got in to a movie! Like there is so much Newfaces.com can do to help make your dream a reality.
Pumpkin21 says:
My success with New Faces has been tremendous! I have received modeling inquiries from the Casting Factory modeling agency, which is a wonderful modeling agency! They actually called me for an in-person interview to meet me in person. This was only after a few days of signing up on the site of New Faces! So thank you so much to the New Faces Website! I have won an actual modeling contract with the Casting Factory, a free portfolio and everything. Thank you so much New Faces!
Hi! My name is Krista and I'm from Scottsdale, AZ. I have been in the modeling/acting industry for about 6 months now. Thanks to New Faces, I have been lucky enough to walk the runway for 3 fashion shows to date, booked for quite a few photo shoots, was used as a TV correspondence and placed on air as a radio personality for a local radio station. I could not have had better luck at this point in time. I hope to continue to further my career as much as possible. I love being in the spotlight and behind the camera. Good luck everyone. Krista
NadiaMercer says:
NewFaces.com helped me to do modeling with a top photographer. It's given me the push I needed to get started. It gave my dad an eye to look into photography and he's the one who takes all the pictures of myself and my sister, who has not yet gone into modeling online, but will do in the near future thanks to newfaces.com!
BabyBengal1 says:
Thanks to New Faces I landed my first modeling job with a local photographer, who is also a New Faces member. The photos from my first shoot will be featured in a children's poetry book that comes out at Christmas this year! The photographer and I had such a good time together that he's already hired me for another shoot for a book coming out next year. In addition, my first photo shoot inspired my brother to go into modeling too, and now he's a Newfaces.com member. It has been a great experience for all of us!
DavonSharpe says:
After months of researching, I came upon this site - www.NewFaces.com - and I'm so glad I did.

Out of all the websites I've been to (STARSEARCHCASTING, EXPLORETALENT, ENCORE TALENT, etc.), this is the only website that has been able to get me auditions.


SINCERELY, Davon Sharpe
Kaz08 says:
Hello, my name is Alexis Futrell. I am 20 years old and I am a mother of two. I've had a lot of ups & downs in my life but no matter how bad things got, I've never given up on my dreams of becoming a model.

I love to model. Modeling is my passion.

I recently was featured in Indianapolis Scoop magazine and was very happy not just because I was in the newspaper but because I proved everyone wrong who said I couldn't focus on my dreams while having two kids. Well, I DID IT & I'M VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT!
Lucaswieckowsk says:
I was contacted by Elite Models through New Faces and I was told I have a perfect look but I need to be a little taller. They asked me to send updated pictures every 6 months and when I am at the appropriate height, I can sign onto a contract with them! Only 3 more inches to grow!

This upcoming week I will be signing a contract with Minor Details Agency because of New Faces! I have also connected with Ford Models because of New Faces! They will be signing with me very soon! Because of New Faces I have found out about Pro Scout and I have been accepted! There are 48 agents who are watching me all because of New Faces!

All I wanted to prove is that anything is possible and New Faces is helping me do that! Once I sign on with them my career has fully started!

Thank you New Faces for helping me with my dream!
Monty1 says:
New Faces is the best thing that happen in my life.

I've been acting since I was five years old. When I was about 13 my dad had signed me up with New Faces. Since then I've been in movies as actor or extra. I've done commercials and more.

My life has been a complete success because of New Faces. It has brought me to perform in some plays and I'm hoping to perform for more. New Faces has put my future in high gear and I'm lovin' it. It is the best thing that happen to me and it could also happen to you.

Thank you very much.
Linnyelizabeth says:
I'm only 12 years old, almost 13 in September. I've gotten a callback from Wilhelmina Models in not only LA but NYC. They may represent me all because they saw my New Faces page. Thank you so much to New Faces. It's all thanks to you!
Dashaynewcomb says:
Hello! I was told as a little kid I was so cute I should be a model and act. I took that as a motivation and signed up for NEWFACES.COM and they helped me find agencies. I have applied to agencies and have been waiting for their approval. I have also found a Puma job and I am supposed to be doing that in a few weeks. I have also found some self-confidence from being on Newfaces.com. I will also be shooting a movie in a few weeks called "It’s Time To Dance." Thanks a lot New Faces!
Loverboy214 says:
Hi. I'm the proud parent of my little infant boy, Khian, and what I'm about to write in no way shape or form is tailored to alter the truth.

I've always been told "Oh my God, he is such a beautiful baby" or "We just love his hair" or "He could easily be in a magazine of some sort!" So I took it to consideration and decided to do a little leg work and get him noticed. These steps didn't come easy for me; it was costly. I paid money to websites in hopes to get him noticed. I decided to do my research because in the end, this is for my son.

After months of researching I stumbled upon this site www.newfaces.com and I'm so glad I did. One day, I was looking through my email and I noticed an email stating that a source emailed them about Khian and after carefully looking at his pictures they would love to see him in person. I was like, "This must be a spam mail or something." I told myself I had nothing to lose so I called the number in the email and when I mentioned who I was, they actually seemed excited that I called. I was invited for an interview in Beverly Hills. (We live in San Diego.)

On April 12th 2010, Network International, a well-known modeling and talent agency, decided that they wanted to have my son "work" for them and placed him in a 2-year contract. It might not be as great of a story as some others but it's real. Not only that but Models International, another modeling and talent agency in Beverly Hills, wants to work with him and placed him in a 6-month probationary period to see how dedicated we as parents are committed to making auditions, etc.

Why am I writing this? Well, for several reasons: first, to get my little one nationally advertised as much as possible and second, to let you aspiring models and actors/actress know that with a little dedication and persistence anything is possible! Remember, when one door closes another one opens :) Thanks New Faces.
Binicrazychica says:
Hi, I'm Bethany Morse. I am 20 years old. I love the life of being a model. I have had great success with newfaces.com. I've gained total control of my career; working on my photos, face, poses, clothing, and sense of style. It’s not only a blessing to have New Faces. It’s a lifestyle. I’ve really enjoyed working with newfaces.com. And soon, I shall be in the biggest, greatest mags. This site is helping make my dreams come true. I will probably be the biggest success story and I just want to have the chance to say thank you, www.newfaces.com! I will pass on my success story, making others want to join.

Here are some of the jobs I've landed:

- Runway: Castle Clothing Line Fashion! (Providence RI), Walten Shoes and Hats Fashion Show, and many more;
- Print: Photo session with the great David Scott Lapensee (Boston MA)

When I landed that photo shoot, it lends me to at least three other jobs with big pay! But more importantly, I've done great promo work just to get my face out there and it’s all because of newfaces.com! So THANKS again newfaces.com!

Kirsten1991 says:
One of my success stories while using newfaces.com is having done a Spanish makeup product campaign. I am on the front cover and I also have had 23 photo shoots done. I also have a great help from New Faces and it has gotten me so far with my new career. If there is a website I would recommend to help your career, it is definitely going to be newfaces.com.

Thank you very much with all the help you have given me because at the moment I love doing catwalk fashion and lingerie modeling. It has been the best thing I have in my life right now.

New Faces also helps people like me who do not know what they want to do with their life, or if they do know what they dreamed of but didn't get it the first time. Like me, I was young and afraid. I thought I am too fat for modeling but it turned out I was wrong because New Faces has made my dream come true.

Thank You.