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Enter below by telling us about your success! Type in your success story, and link to a video to add even more impact to your entry! Make sure to mention the name “Newfaces.com”!

Lovehoney234 says:
Through New Faces, I've been able to learn how much opportunities are out there waiting for me. I've searched a lot of websites looking for an agent, but this is the one that helped me the most. Although I'm still young, I really want to become a singer and an actress. Now I can search up jobs and attend them.
Maddyb123 says:
With NewFaces I have been able to start my modeling career. Within only one hour of being online New Faces, an agent contacted me and said he would like me to be in a photoshoot in Canada next week! I packed my bags and went. I met some really amazing people there, and got a call-back. thanks to NewFaces I have also been in several feature films, and cast as an extra in many ABC productions. On top of this, I got a callback to work with Disney Channel. Thanks NewFaces!
131992 says:
I have been looking forever to find a place where I can make opportunities and for me New Faces is that site! I have spent a few years off and on modelling since there isn't much work where I am but I feel this will be the chance I have been waiting for! Thanks New Faces for giving me this chance!
36911 says:
Im new too the site but newfaces.com has already helped to get me exposure all over and ive gotten a couple emails already within an hour of me signing up, i believe i may have something good here and cannot wait to show it to the world. Im an actor/model i love fitness and newfaces.com has given me the chance to get the exposure i need to be the next in the movie or acting industries thank you and wish me luck!
Themissinglink says:
Hello, I want to thank NewFaces.com for having me on their website. My name is David and I am 9 years old. I love being a kid. Newfaces.com has given me the opportunity to show my pictures - thank you Newfaces. I now have my confidence back. I was bullied many times at school, because I had a different "look?" I am not blonde with blue eyes as most of my classmates are. I have a good rating on Newfaces - seems to me I have a GREAT "look." I was chosen to be Joseph and a lead at my Christmas school play, not bad for a start. I am learning to play the guitar and doing very well so far. Thank you Newfaces!
Lyssapaige320 says:
New Faces has brought a whole new outlook on life to me. Everyone in school used to make fun of my teeth and my hair but New Faces has made me more confident in myself and has made every dream I've had become a reality.
Music14 says:
I actually signed up for Newfaces.com a year ago and I've been having a blast finding my place! Newfaces.com is helping me have my dream become a reality. I am putting the work and the effort into achieving my goal to become a model. My story is a growing process and is helping me look for each exciting new and passing opportunity. I'm always on the look out for new chances to become a model. I live in a small state and there is not much I live nearby to model with. My parents are professional photographers I did do some site modeling on their site. I modeled Junior Bridesmaid's dresses at Great Falls Montana's Bridal Journey. I have gotten numbers from other photographers that are looking for a photogenic girl like me to model. I have been told I can pull off any color and I can pull off any style. So far my career is starting to grow and becoming successful this is the start of my story. I am Hannah Andersen.
Sarnai08 says:
I entered to New Faces.com few weeks ago. I used to model when I was in high school. Then I entered to college in Florida which was way far from my home and I had no contact with anyone and had no idea how to find agency and photo shoots. Then I found information about this web site on Facebook and I wanted to give a try. I never thought that I would find a job online, but surprisingly it worked. You have no idea how much I enjoy modelling and photo shoots. Now I wear swimsuits and lingerie for online shops. I'm glad to do it and thank you New Face for giving a chance to everyone and explore their hidden talents.
BenProv says:
A week back I got photos done for a fitness thing and thought about sending them to popular modeling agencies for fun. I looked up multiple agencies and kept seeing Newfaces.com pop up in the search... I decided to join new faces after reading about how widely used it was among people who were just starting out. Once I got onto the website and learned that I had to pay for it, I was skeptical but made the payment anyway. There were so many available castings and opportunities laid out in front of me that I started feeling like I had a shot to do something cool. I don't consider myself a model but I sent the pictures in too many agencies and got surprising replies. A lot of them were interested in having me come visit out of state at my own expense. Still shooting to get some paid for job opportunities. It has only been one week since I joined. My quickest accomplishment after registering with New Faces was me applying to an American Eagle contest through New Faces and being selected as a finalist. I'm still new to all of this and so I cannot say that I have experienced many "down points." Feedback since registering for the website has been excellent. All I can say is that for all of those people too scared to give yourself a shot, don't be. You may be very surprised as to what opportunities you have been blessed with. I would highly recommend this site (New Faces) to new people who want a solid start in the entertainment industry.
Tigresa88 says:
hi my name is Agnes morales i am so proud to sy new faces.com gave me the oportunity everyone wants to have a career and to prosper in life its the best way to go with this company they have the best site they have helped me seek jobs and help me be talented and i am very successful today because of new faces.com i encourage everyone to stay here and grow strong and proud love you guys ...............Agnes
Stef1w0rld says:
New Faces help me get my confidence back. I got so many friends from there that keep motivating me. We support each other. Because New Faces gave back my confidence, here are some of the results:
- being in top 50, Sunsilk Fabulous 10 contest
- runner up, Mercedes Benz guest reporter contest
- The third winner, Freshlook ambassador contest in Indonesia
- top video number 1, Avril Lavigne mashup competition (but, not won)
- etc.
JanaWood says:
New Faces has opened my mind to so many different beautiful women. Women who have inspired me to work THAT MUCH HARDER! I love modeling and I hope one day I will have the opportunity to do runway,magazines, and so much more. After joining this site I was no longer discouraged about living in a small town. I thought its the only thing holding me back from the BIG things I know I can accomplish. I feel so hopeful toward the future and so extremely blessed to have come upon yet another stepping stone. I have learnt so much from the New Faces site it just feeds my fire. Everything will fall into place but I sure as hell am not going to sit around and wait for it. God bless New Faces and all the dreams that have and will be coming true.
Cynthianicolej says:
Whenever I first joined newfaces.com I never thought I could be a model but when I got a call to come to st. louis for a modeling interview it changed my whole view of things. I love this site. (:
Scoobysam94 says:
Newfaces for me has opened something inside me. Before I joined this site I never thought about myself as beautiful. I thought and felt horrible about myself and I was extremely self-conscience about myself( I was "fat" "ugly" and "worthless"). Through Newfaces I had my first photo shoot and I was told by the photographer to get into modeling. I thought about it for a few days, thought i could never get into any type of modeling but, ever since I tried I have had a couple more photo shoots with photographers and I finally think "HEY you know what? Maybe I am beautiful". I feel a lot better about myself, less self-conscious and a lot happier. For once in the 18 years of my life I feel beautiful and i love getting my picture taken now! Thanks to new faces I FEEL BEAUTIFUL and I know I AM BEAUTIFUL! My first photo shoot through Newfaces wasn't just a success it changed my life!

Layfield2000 says:
When I first joined this site I kind of thought theres no way they could get me in a commercial/photoshoot so I decided to give this site a month to see if it could work and with a week I was being called to be in a photoshoot!!!! Thx alot
Sherylsaah says:
New Faces helped me come to realize my true purpose in life. I got a fun modeling job out of it, and entries into pageants. I've learned a lot through modeling and Pageants like Miss Africa Texas, that I want to become an inspiration to others. I want to change the world, and show women all over that they can be both beautiful and intelligent!
Beautiful123 says:
New Faces have helped me a lot. It has gotten me interviews with Barbizon and Exxcel Modeling. I <3 New Faces so much and I don't know how my career would be if I started it with someone else.

I enjoy waking up everyday to new emails. I'm 13 years old so that is very big. I love modeling so much that when I walk down the runyways it feels like I'm in my own world. So if you want to be successful in this industry your first option should be New Faces.
Dallaswynn says:
I am 13 years old and want to be a runway model. I love harajuku fashion and think it's fun to model!

I had my first photo shoot and have completed the first phase, but more shooting this coming weekend!

It was fun, exciting, totally exhausting and I'm ready to do it as soon as possible!
Saqib123 says:
Thanks to New Faces I landed my first modeling job with a local photographer, who is also a New Faces member. The photos from my first shoot will be featured in a children's poetry book that comes out at Christmas this year! The photographer and I had such a good time together that he's already hired me for another shoot for a book coming out next year. In addition, my first photo shoot inspired my brother to go into modeling too, and now he's a Newfaces.com member. It has been a great experience for all of us!
MimmieCaramel says:
I've worked on many assignments including Miss Zambia UK Beauty Pageant, Cancer Research Charity Fashion Show and Children's Charity Fashion Show. I even graced the music scene by being a featured video girl in MP 's "No Dull Yourself" in which my interests showcases my love for dancing.

Now I'm back for some real hiatus work after taking some time off, and looking forward to use and to obtain a strong position in the modeling industry where I can showcase my skills as best an I can to benefit clients, myself, and the people around me.