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Scarlett Benchley - SUCCESS STORY

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Teen Vogue Model Scarlett Benchley

New Faces: When did you first start modeling?

Scarlett: I first started modeling at the age of 14 and signed with my mother Agency Alexa here in the Tampa Bay market Feb of 2007

New Faces: You hold the title for Miss Pre-Teen Tampa/St. Pete, can you tell us about the pageant and maybe how such pageants have prepared you for the modeling industry?

Scarlett: Yes, I held the title Miss Pre- Teen for Tampa/St. Pete Florida when I was 12. This was the only pageant that I had ever been in and the experience was great. I also have been a Junior Olympian High diver since the age of 8. So I have always had to compete in front of large crowds with lots of concentration and focus and this helped me with modeling. It also helped me learn to work well with various types of personalities [which is big in this industry!].

New Faces: What was your first major modeling job, and what was it like to get that call for that opportunity?

Scarlett: My first Job was with a Photographer by the name of Scott Teitler. He was wonderful and has had a lot of his work published in many popular magazines and with Abercrombie and Fitch. The experience was great and it has led to so much more work!

New Faces: You’re only 15 and have already appeared in Teen Vogue, Abercrombie and Fitch ads, and in a billboard for Bally’s, what has the experience of all these high profile jobs been like?

Scarlett: I have been very lucky, although I just got started my mother was a model when she was younger and knew a lot. It’s a very busy [and hectic] industry [for example] I now have to take my high school classes all online. This way I can still keep up with my work while I travel.

New Faces: You mentioned your mom already so how did your family support your modeling career? What advice would you give to families who want to get their teen started in the industry?

Scarlett: My Mother made me wait to get started as long as she could. This was my dream and both my parents have been extremely supportive and keep me grounded. They are always able to travel with me. I am not allowed to stay in the model apartments as they do not want me around a lot of the older girls that stay there. We always get hotels and I stay with my parents.

New Faces: You are located in Tampa, Florida, which isn’t as big a market for modeling as New York for example. How have you managed to be successful in a smaller market and do you think sites like, that are international, help?

Scarlett: Although Tampa is not a big market, my mother agency Alexa does have connections with other big agencies and clients. They have been exceptional with everything they have done for me. My Mom put me on and I love the castings that you have.

New Faces: What advice do you have for other aspiring teen models, who want to achieve your kind of success?

Scarlett: My advice to other young girls is to always be polite and considerate when you are on shoots. Never ever do anything that you would regret and always be on time! Try to always remember, there are a lot of kids who look up to you and try to be a great role model and last but not least, don't blow your money, Invest it!

New Faces: What was your latest modeling job, and where do you hope to go in the future?

Scarlett: I have been swamped the last few days doing a big layout for Dillards and I just got back today from doing a fashion show also for Dillards. I have already been submitted for a job in Barbados with a European client. Also, I will be signing with Elite in October out of Chicago.

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