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interview with mick t. male supermodel

New Faces Male Supermodel Mick

Mick has been on New Faces pretty much since the beginning. With a great personality and unique look, Mick skyrocketted to fame when he landed the Levis ads shortly after putting his portfolio on this site. We talk to him about his life and modeling, to give you a peek inside his famous head.

Why did you decide to be a model?

Because I rock.

New Faces Male Supermodel Mick

What do you like the most about modeling?

The afterparties and the attention.

Where do you live?

Venice Beach - freak central.

What are you doing tonight?

Answering Q's.

Do you have a girlfriend? boyfriend?


Any pets?

See above answer.

What is your real name?

Vladimir Tomljenovic.

Then why do you go by Mick T.?

People kept mispronouncing my name.

Are you a clotheshorse?

Mostly I am a clothes stallion, but right now I'm just a clothes pony.

What do you do for fun?

I like to ride my motorcycle, surf the web, read magazines (German car mags and British motorcycle mags), play chess, soccer, listen to drum&bass, and work out.

So, where can one run into you?

Mainly, in my apartment, but also at Muscle Beach or Gold's Gym, at the Rock Store on Mulholland, on the soccer field almost every Sunday afternoon, and at Santa Monica College.

What celebrities have you met?

Having lived in LA for the past ten years, it seems like I've met everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ron Jeremy (or at least see them around). Gold's Gym is where I usually get my daily dose of celebrity sightings.

What is your favorite food?

Since I am vegetarian, I am a bit more selective. But I love sushi (without the fish - don't ask), superspicy Indian food, superhot Thai food, Nuttella, and Marmite.

What do you think about cults?

They are an excellent source of tax-free income and free labor.

Are you really in Mensa?

Well, that's what my membership card says, but it expires in September.

Do you groom your eyebrows?

I mow them occasionally.

Are you the bald guy on the You Don't Know Jack game box?


Who do you think you are anyway?

Let me get back to you on that one...

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