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New Faces® models and l'oreal magazine ad campaign

NEW FACES MODELING JOBS - L'Oreal Modeling Contract - Get Modeling Jobs in Fashion Magazines

After just a few weeks after joining New Faces™, Michelle and Kristy were chosen over thousands of other possible models, to be featured in the new ad campaign for one of the biggest industry names, L'Oréal. The ads went to print just before the holidays and were found in several leading fashion magazines including Flare, Glow and LouLou. Recently, Kristy and Michelle sat down with us to give us the inside scoop on how New Faces™ launched their modeling careers and how the L'Oréal experience was one they will never forget.

New Faces: Why did you choose to sign up with New Faces and what were you hoping to gain at the onset? Can you also tell us about your background in modeling?

Michelle: I started modeling in approximately 2001 in Toronto while attending college until 2004. Upon graduation I put modeling on hold, it is scary getting your first job after college. Then just this past summer I realized that modeling was something that I still wanted to pursue so I started working with a local photographer to get my book updated. I did not jump into getting an agent right away because I already had industry experience and knew how things worked so I signed up with NewFaces.com as a Basic member (test run). I was hoping to find work in Ontario (Toronto) and it worked out wonderfully for me!

Kristy: I have been modeling for the past five years, although while attending College studying marketing I didn't have too much time to focus on the industry. I chose to sign up with New Faces because it wasn't just like every other portfolio hosting website. New Faces has really found other models real paying jobs and this was clear from the testimonials from other models and castings from real companies.

New Faces: When were you contacted about the L'Oréal ads and what did you think when you were initially contacted, were you excited, nervous or both?

NEW FACES MODELING JOBS - L'Oreal Modeling Contract - Get Modeling Jobs in Fashion Magazines

Michelle: I was contacted by L'Oréal approximately one month after signing up with NewFaces.com -- which showed that the site is an extremely worthwhile source for models looking to work. After the booking I upgraded my New Faces account. When I was initially contacted I was extremely excited ... can you imagine your face in a full page ad in four major magazines! Then I was a little nervous, final selections had not been made yet! When I got the call that I was selected I was completely amazed, excited, overwhelmed... you know lots of good feelings!

Kristy: I was contacted to shoot the L'Oréal ad just a short while after signing up with New Faces. It caught me completely by surprise... L'Oréal oh my, that is such a huge, well-known company!!

New Faces: What was the shoot like, tell us about your experiences, how it compared to other shoots, if you have experience with other shoots?

Kristy: Well since this was for a hair ad it required me to have my hair colored (luckily I was already a blonde), therefore I had to travel to Toronto twice (both paid for). The first trip was to meet with the salon to touch up my 'do and the second trip was to shoot in the studio. The entire team that I worked with was amazing, from the photographer to the makeup artist to the L'Oréal staff. They had so much jewelry and trendy clothing it was so much fun! The initial shoot was very quick, however everything to get to that point, makeup, hair and clothing selection took a little more time -- but it was sooo worth it!

New Faces: What was your overall experience with the shoot, was there something particular you learned and what did you gain from it?

Michelle: My overall experience was positive! The team was extremely accommodating, and I would work with them all again!

Kristy: My overall experience was great, I loved the shoot, I met a lot of really nice people. They catered in a lot of tasty food and kept us up-to-date with all the news regarding the spread right up to the day that we received copies in the mail for friends and family. The most important thing is they were around every moment from getting your hair done at the salon to choosing the right picture for the spread; they were so helpful and understanding!

New Faces: Can you tell us what it was like to see your ads in the leading Canadian magazines?

Michelle: When I first saw my ad I was very happy ... I didn't think I would look that good! Only days after the ad was out I had friends and family calling to tell me they saw it and loved it, so not only was I pleased but it's always great to hear other positive comments coming from others! Recently I have started to look for an agency and I met Sarah from B & M Model Management in Toronto and I am in the process of signing on with them! It's only getting better ... thank you NewFaces.com!

Kristy: I was able to see another one of my pictures in not just any magazine but some of the leading Canadian Magazines on newsstands today -- Flare, Glow & Lou Lou --- It was overall was an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

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