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New Faces® Success Stories

helena - New Faces® supermodel

New Faces™ is the best way to spark the interest of modeling and talent agencies around the world and to get regular modeling job offers from major magazines, designers, film production houses, cosmetic companies, etc. Below is only one of our many New Faces™ success stories.

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Helena started modelling in 1996, when she was 16 years old (New Faces™ was launched in 1995.) In the first six months of her career she did 26 magazine covers, eleven of which with different Elle magazines (Helena is also on the Jan. 2001 cover of German Elle.) Helena has also done covers for Cosmopolitan (UK edition), Grazia, Gioia, Anna, Amica and many more prestigious clients in Italy, Germany, France and the US. She has a very attractive income - more than most business people twice her age make. From the beginning Helena never believed that she could work as a model.

"I remember during a modeling trip to Kenya that we did I spent hours talking to her and telling her of her potential. She was then just listening amazed, as if she was listening to a fairy tale, not understanding that this was all going to become a reality for her within just a few months."
- Andrea Belluso, UP Models, Sweden

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