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gregg avedon - New Faces® male supermodel

Gregg Avedon

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One of today's top male models, and one of New Faces™ top supermodels, Gregg Avedon has paved his way in the both the fashion and acting industries, with hundreds of top name runway shows, cover shoots, and films. Over a decade ago (New Faces™ was established in 1995), Gregg was discovered during a time of transition in his hometown of South Beach, Miami. The fashion industry was making its imprint on Miami's Deco district, and Gregg was there through it all, eventually signing to a top agency.

Gregg's early passion was art; he made a name for himself at the University of Florida that eventually lead him to work at a graphic design agency. But Gregg left all that behind for modeling and found success in Europe, particularly Milan, where he walked the runways of Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Krizia, Trussardi, and Valentino. Gregg has built an enviable resume, appearing on the covers of more than a hundred magazines and catalogues combined, and appearing in Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, and Uomo Vogue.

Gregg Avedon by Chuck St. John

Always seeking the next challenge, Gregg has also focused on an acting career. He is well known for his Mach 3 Turbo Razor and Samsung Mobil Technology commercials. Grabbing a much coveted role, Gregg has appeared alongside Kim Cattrall on HBO's Sex And The City.

Gregg has also appeared in such films as "The 17th Man", screened at the Cannes Film Festival and in several short films such as "Conditional Paradise," and the film festival release comedy "Don't Wait Up." Gregg recently tackled a dramatic role in "Recipe for Grieving," which won him a best actor nomination during the film's Miami film festival run. Working behind the scenes as well, Gregg wrote a script for the film "Everything Sacred," in addition to directing, producing, and starring in the film, for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's Project Greenlight.

If his supermodel status, New Faces™ portfolio, and acting accolades weren't enough to keep Gregg occupied, he is also a writer. With his own monthly column in Men's Health Magazine, called Muscle Chow, Gregg imparts advice based on his own prime muscular physical condition. Currently writing two e-books, Gregg is intent on conveying his industry knowledge. Ever the artist, Gregg continues to be inspired by his surroundings and the varied life experiences he has taken on, which are sure to carry him forward into his many future endeavors.

Gregg Avedon

How do you approach every role?

"I encompass every aspect of the character I become, without straying too far from home. That's the goal I have going in. Also, I'm a creature of total preparation. The more work I do on a role, the more I can relax. I say, do the script analysis, find the beats, moments, discoveries, needs, and so on, then push it all down, trust yourself, and simply "be". That's where training comes in. There's a certain amount of raw talent one possesses, but working on yourself consistently allows you to harness that talent and evolve as an actor."

Gregg Avedon by David Vance

What about your training specifically has helped you?

"I studied with Kim St. Leon at the Acting Studio, and she really made a huge impact on me. It definitely struck a chord in me, and we connected immediately. She couldn't have gotten me going any faster in terms of quickly creating characters, preparing to read for roles, and taking chances. In her class, I learned to read cleanly and honestly, own the words on the page, while taking risks."

How has this translated practically?

"I learned enormous amounts about confidence and preparation. Now, I can manage any anxiety that comes up and channel it into something creative. It doesn't matter how good you are at home, you have to be able to produce where it counts."

So you feel more relaxed, confident, and prepared when auditioning?

"Preparation allows you the freedom not to have to push so hard, and it comes through in your work. I've never been a big fan of over-indulgence, and have always resonated more so with subtlety. The more relaxed and prepared, the more those little nuances come out that truly make a performance real and in the moment."

Gregg Avedon by David Vance

How do you feel as an actor now, and how that might translate in the future?

"I'm far from the actor I will ultimately become, and that's exciting for me! It takes balls to take that leap of faith. That moment when your feet leave the ground...our capacity as human beings is boundless. Right now I'm in a good place, and I'll never stop working on myself as a person and an actor. I'm always standing at the edge impatiently waiting for the opportunity to take that leap."

What is your passion besides acting?

My number one thing is my family, it's so important to me. Family, my wife and kids. I recently had to take my kids to a shoot, because my wife was busy. It was hysterical, they were hanging out and holding reflectors, assisting the photographer, and having fun with the whole crew. I rarely do that, but it was fun for them."

What words do you live by?

"'The world makes way for the man who knows where he's going.'" - Emerson.

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