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944 and Maxim Cover Model April Scott

Top New Faces Cover Model and Actress April Scott

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April recently talked to us about the experience of a cover shoot and what a difference a great photographer and New Faces can make.

Where did you get started in modeling?

NEW FACES MODELING JOBS - L'Oreal Modeling Contract - Get Modeling Jobs in Fashion Magazines

When I was 14 I started doing beauty pageants back in Missouri. But, it wasn't until after I graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles that I took my first photos and began modeling professionally and signed up to New Faces. An agent contacted me, I called him the next week and he signed me.

What were you hoping to gain from your modeling career and how have you managed to achieve that?

I have my degree in theater and moved to Los Angeles for acting, so I never set out to be a model. It just happened. Luckily, I really enjoy modeling, so for me it was a great way to earn money while pursuing acting.

When did you hear back regarding the Maxim magazine cover shoot and what were your thoughts?

I was doing a photoshoot with US Maxim for the show Deal or No Deal, with photographer Antoine Verglas (a New Faces photographer: http://www.newfaces.com/verglas). While I was having my make-up done, he called his assistant in New York and put the Maxim UK cover shoot together. So, it all happened really quickly. I was very excited about the UK cover and Antoine is such a great photographer. I knew that anything he shot would be beautiful.

NEW FACES MODELING JOBS - L'Oreal Modeling Contract - Get Modeling Jobs in Fashion Magazines

Tell us about the experience of being in a high-profile magazine shoot and what it was like to see the final product?

The shoot was on a private beach in Malibu, California. It was pretty cold that day and they kept spraying me down with water, I was freezing! But, luckily, the photos turned out nice. They let me be involved in choosing the photos to use in the layout. When I saw the copy, I was really happy!

What advice do you have for aspiring models?

I think it's really important to get good photos from reputable photographers, and New Faces has dozens of the top photographers! Only shoot with photographers that you know you can trust, and never ever go to a shoot alone.

Most of all, If you really want it, it can happen. Models come in all shapes and sizes, and most aren't very tall at all! And don't be concerned about being perfect; it just might be your flaws that make you unique and book you the most work.

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