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anna marie - New Faces® playboy playmate supermodel

Seven time Playboy cover model, Anna Marie Goddard launched and grew a successful career with New Faces™. She has been a New Faces™ model pretty much since the site launched, and has booked countless commercials, magazine editorials, magazine covers, as well as parts in movie such as Austin Powers. We talk with Anna Marie about her childhood, life in LA, and what it's like to pose for the cover of Playboy magazine.

New Faces Playboy Supermodel Anna Marie

How do you like the mansion and Hef?

The mansion is like a castle. It's been untouched since the seventies; you can still find the authentic orange carpet and the brown and purple walls there. I don't mean that it's old and run down looking or anything, but the authentic things are still all there. When I became a Playboy Playmate and met Hef, he seemed very shy. But now after his separation from Kimberly and the discovery of Viagra, he seems to have gotten his wild hairs back.

How was it to model in the nude for Playboy?

The first day it was a little odd, but then you realize that everybody around you has seen hundreds of naked girls so all of a sudden it's not a big deal anymore and you seem to forget that you even need clothes at all. Every day after the shoot the make up artist had to remind me to put my clothes back on, because I would just step in my car and go home naked.... just kidding!

Did you have a good experience doing Playboy?

Yes, but it took me a while though. The "celebrity status" that comes with it and that people were interested in my autograph seemed a little strange to me. I had always worked well as a model, but nobody had ever been interested in my autograph. It was a little overwhelming since I had always been a very private person. Anyway, I got used to it real fast and started liking it more and more. At this point I really like it and I've gotten close to many of my fans. I love interacting with them and reading and responding to the emails.

Has Playboy helped your career?

After I did the issue, I lost certain jobs, but gained new ones too. So that remained about the same. Through fashion modeling and my New Faces portfolio, I've traveled all over the world. With Play boy I got to go to countries I would have probably never gone to like the Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia and Taiwan. I became the very first Playboy Playmate in the launch issues of those Countries and Playmate of the Year in Holland in 1995, so I guess you can call those titles pretty good career achievements. For the rest I've been doing quite a bit of commercials, for everything from beer to hair products, soft drinks, toothpaste, etc. I have also done some acting and television hosting jobs through my New Faces portfolio, but I can't say that I got those things due to having done Playboy. Playboy has and does send me out on auditions, but what's kept me from landing acting parts is that I've always had a slight accent. I say words like three that sound like tree. I've gotten much better; people hardly ask me anymore where I come from. Anyway what hasn't happened can still happen; I'm still very ambitious.

What does your family think of all you've done and now this web site?

Most of my family thinks it's great, some think it's terrible (the jealous ones), my mother is super proud and my grandmother thinks I have sinned and should ask for forgiveness. Oh well!

Do you have any sisters?

I have one brother who's older than I am, and I have of course "Nathalie" who is my sister by heart. We don't share the same parents, but we are both from Holland, wear the same size clothing and shoes, are the same age, basically look like twins and we always have and still will always be the best of friends.

What was it like growing up in Holland?

It was actually very nice. I was born in the north of Holland in a province called Friesland. Holland is beautiful. It's completely flat and there are lots and lots of flower fields (mostly tulips). But what I like most, and miss the most, is its quaintness; the old buildings, houses, farms and narrow streets. One thing I hated was the weather, it rains so hard and the wind blows so cold during the winter that I was completely miserable. I had to ride my bicycle to school everyday, and would get to school feeling like a newspaper soaked all the way through. I used to tell myself; "someday I'm going to live in a warm place", and that's why I moved to Southern California.

Were you popular in school?

Not super popular, but not unpopular either. I liked to dress a little off the wall, so nobody could quite figure me out. Sometimes I couldn't even figure myself out. I think for that reason boys were kind of scared of me. I only had two boyfriends for a very short period of time.

How is it growing up in a country where drugs are legal?

Well first of all, hard drugs are not legal, only marijuana is "allowed". (The government won't use the word "legal"). When you're seriously addicted to drugs the government will pay for your rehab, or will supply you with a small amount of the drug to keep crime down. Many people think that we must all be addicts if it's that easy to get, but that's the same as saying that everybody should be an alcoholic here after the age of 21. The truth is that drug use is very little in Holland because "the curiosity of the forbidden fruit" has been taken away. It's the same with alcohol. There's no legal limit to when you can start drinking. On vacations to France my parents actually encouraged my brother and I to drink wine (I was about 8 years old) because that's part of the French culture.

What's your favorite color, food, t.v.-show, music, movie, book, animal, and thing to do?

Blue, cereal, Seinfeld, all classic rock (especially Jimmy Hendrix), The Pink Panther, The seven spiritual laws to success by Deepak Chopra, Island and Brave new World by Aldous Huxley (sorry couldn't just name one book), Newfoundland dogs (I own 2 of them) and relax (which I never seem to have the time for unfortunately).

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