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Want to know how to become a Model?

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If you want to know how to be a model, this is the Industry #1 Best Seller that MTV calls "The BEST modeling guide on the market!"

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Mode

Insider's Guide to Modeling (Special Edition)

by Hilary Rowland (International Cover Model and Editor of HILARY Magazine)

#1 Industry Best Seller - Get insider information from top models and top agents on how to break into the modeling industry and enjoy quick success. This essential step-by-step guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to become a fashion model.

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Edition: Electronic Download (PDF)

Special Edition Also Includes:

- INSIDER'S GUIDE - Shoots & Markets

- INSIDER'S GUIDE - Modeling Terms

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"Before you spend any money on modeling school or portfolios, check out the Insider's Guide to Modeling!" - Fashion Television

Special Edition Package - Features

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model

Get ahead of the game with advice from top international models

    Find out what it takes to succeed
    Gain a competitive advantage
    Obtain free training and makeup lessons
    Avoid costly modeling scams and mistakes
    Negotiate 100% free photo-shoots
    Recognize fast-talkers
    Determine good vs. bad agencies
    Negotiate with agencies
    Dress and act like a fashion model
    Build a great portfolio for little or no money
    Get great comp-cards for a fraction of the cost other models pay
    Maintain a positive self-image
    View searches, contests and conventions, form an insider's perspective

Chapter Contents

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model

Specifically, the Insider's Guides have chapters that will help you find out:

    If You Have Modeling Potential and What Kinds of Modeling You Could Succeed In
    How to Quickly Get Noticed by Top Modeling Agencies, Casting Agents & Model Bookers
    How to Find the Right Agency for You & The Right Way to Approach Them
    The Inside Scoop on Modeling Schools, Conventions, Searches and Contests
    How to Build a Great Portfolio for Little Money
    Paid Photoshoots: Arranging It, What to Expect, What to Pay, What To Get From It
    List of Portfolio Rip-offs and How to Avoid Them
    Free Photoshoots: How to Get Them, How to Tell if They're Useful/Good
    How to Get Good Exposure Without Wasting Money and Time
    Hair, Makeup and Clothes: What to Wear and How to Get Free Stuff
    Guide to Castings: What They Are and What's Expected at Castings
    Castings: How to Leave a Lasting Impression

Also Included: Complete Guide to Photoshoots and Worldwide Model Markets

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model

This special bonus includes essential information for all the major "A" modeling markets as well as "B" modeling markets in the US, and around the world. This best selling guide contains accurate information about what to expect in each market, what types of modeling work are available and how often, popular "looks", what is needed to succeed in each city, hourly rates, day rates and yearly income ranges, and more.

Cities covered include: New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Cape Town, Sydney, Athens, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich, London, Hamburg, Munich, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, etc.

Also Included:

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model


FOREIGN TAX - When an American model works abroad, the foreign country takes a chunk of that model's pay. The foreign tax can be as high as 30%. Keep a copy of all your earnings statements, because if you can prove to the Internal Revenue Service that you already paid taxes on your earnings in another country, you can deduct those earnings from your taxable income.

CALL SHEET - - The notice that goes out to all people involved in a photo shoot (or commercial shoot) that gives the details of the shoot. Important information on the call sheet includes your call time, the location of the shoot and how you should appear upon arrival. Clients may want the models to arrive already in full make-up and hair or they may want the models to show up barefaced (see clean-clean). If you don't know this information by the night before the shoot, call your agent and find out. Not following directions causes a lot of expensive, wasted time in the studio and may stop you from getting hired by that client again.

Editorial Reviews

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model
How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model
How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model
How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen Model

"The BEST modeling guide on the market"

"Before you spend any money on modeling school or portfolios, check out the Insider's Guide to Modeling!" - FASHION TELEVISION

"If you want to be a model, before you do anything you need to read The Insider's Guide to Modeling. We read it--and we highly recommend it!" - FAZE MAGAZINE

"The Insider's Guides from Supermodelguide.com are an indispensable resource for aspiring models. They provide a lot of advice that could help save young models from pitfalls and disaster - potentially thousands of dollars of mistakes are made by young prospective models." - MADEMOISELLE MAGAZINE

"The best place to start a successful modeling career--hands-down." - BEAUTIFUL GIRL MAGAZINE

"From a Magazine Editor's perspective, I wish all models would read it. They'd certainly have a much better chance at landing covers and editorials--and getting re-hired--if they followed these guides." - LUCIRE MAGAZINE

"The #1 Guide to Modeling, brought to you by an international top model, is an essential read for any aspiring model." - TALK MAGAZINE

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Model Reviews

Models who also purchased portfolios at NewFaces.com:

How to become a model

Jefferson, Elite model
"I am so glad I bought these guides! I can't thank you enough for your help. I learned things I wouldn't have been able to find out anywhere else and I was able to save over $1,000. because of it. The price was reasonable too, it would have been a bargain at $100. I don't know what I would have done without it!"

How to become a model

Mary, International model
"I love these guides! They have everything that a beginner model needs to learn to make a successful modeling career. I found out what type of modeling I was best suited for and then follow the step-by-step instructions to go for it. Right after following your advice, I got my first real modeling job last week - three days of catalogue modeling! And next week I'm already booked for two different fashion photoshoots. Every beginning model should read these books!!"

How to become a model

Arabella, actress
"Even though I am not a model, I wanted to thank you for writing so many tips in your guide. Thanks to your tips I got my headshots for free and I avoided a competition that turned out to be a big scam. I even did some modeling work for several companies (which I'll now be able to show to my grankids!) before discovering my true calling as an actress. Even still, there are lots and lots of really valuable tips that work for both modeling and acting! So anyway, thanks!!"

How to become a model

Tiiu, Ford model
"I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the Insider's Guide that I bought from your site a few months ago. It showed me how to save money with photoshoots and get the right agent for me. It saved me so much time and money, I would gladly have paid triple the cost of the guide. I absolutely would not have gotten the agency I recently signed with, or the modeling assignments I am now getting, if I hadn't read it. At the agency and at photoshoots, people often remark on how professional and experienced I am - little do they know that I learned it only a few months ago from your guide. Thank you SO much!"

Customer Reviews

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelHelped Me Tremendously!!, Reviewer: Isarah from New York City, NY

I beleive this book was the best book I have ever read on modeling. It was detailed, honest, and it gives you a step by step guide to starting your modeling career. If your interested in modeling and dont know where to start, get this book. I took the advice and I am now with Elite modeling agency!

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelGood Beginners Guide, Reviewer: Mikeal from Los Angeles, CA

If you don't have any connections, this book would be a very nice resource to have. It does give good advice. Basically, this book is excellent if you want to know more about the modeling industry, but as an experienced model I have probably learnt over half of this stuff from experience and from other models. But, this publication is still a way better modeling guide than the other modeling books I have read before. I would suggest this over other modeling books because the information is worth the price and it is written by a real sucessful model.

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelGood for the Money, Reviewer: Alisha from Atlanta, GA

Pretty good value for 40 bucks. I learned lots and managed to get some free shoots using their tips.

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelBetter for Beginners, Reviewer: Christy from New York, NY

Having modeled on-and-off for three years, this book would have been more helpful if I'd had it when I first started modeling. In other words, for me, some of the points I already knew. However, it was really helpful to learn more about modeling in other countries because this is something I want to do one day and it's difficult to find out what it's like overseas.

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelThe Guides and the Model are Perfect!, Reviewer: Julia from Toronto, ON

I have been in the modeling business for over fifteen years experience and have worked with many models in my career. Hilary Rowland is a wonderful role model for young women. She goes out of her way to help young people and give great advice to those interested in modeling. I would definitely recommend the Insider's Guides to anyone thinking about a career in modeling. They are articulate and insightful. It's a great investment and could save thousands of dollars that most schools and agents might charge for just some of the information in the guide.

How to Become a Fashion Model or Teen ModelSmart Advice, Reviewer: Andrea from Colorado

Definitely a smart buy. I recommended it to many friends... some who went on to get free stuff and sign with agencies because of it.

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