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Modeling and acting involves a lot more than just the glamour or it all. This week we’re answering some common questions about modeling and acting that will clear up some misconceptions. We’re also pleased to bring you our latest success story, Kristy.

Common Questions and Answers about Acting:

Do I have to have a certain look to land a job?

No you do not. It depends on whether the director is looking for your type. It doesn't matter if you are heavy, thin, tall, or short, there is work for you, if you’re right for the part.

Are all movies made In Hollywood?

A lot of films are made in Hollywood. But how many movies have you seen that don't have L.A. as a backdrop? Look at the next films you watch and you will see that movies, TV shows and commercials are filmed everywhere. There are literally hundreds of movies and TV commercials making good use of varying locations.

What’s a good starting role, is it worth going for movie extra parts?

Can you imagine what it would be like being in a scene with a big time actor? What an awesome thought! One important advantage to new movie extras is the possibility of getting your SAG card. When you work in a production, you are eligible for a SAG voucher. When you get three SAG vouchers, you are eligible to join SAG. A voucher is your pay record for work on a production.
Of course, there is the added benefit of being paid to be part of what you love. Just remember that a lot of big name actors have gotten their start in the business by doing extras work. There is simply no better place to learn for the aspiring actor or actress.

Common Question and Answers about Modeling:

If I’m not very tall can I still be a model?

There are two types of models in the modeling industry: commercial models and runway models. The MINIMUM height for a runway model is about 5'8''. Commercial models, on the other hand, can be any size - commercial models are the people you find in magazines/billboards.

Is modeling difficult?

Modeling is not an easy job. Models receive a fair amount of criticism so you have to be sure of who you are. You have to take care of your skin, your hair, ensure that you eat well and exercise regularly. There’s no set schedule, it all depends on what type of modeling you get into, you might spend the day at a photo shoot or doing a runway show. It’s often a hectic schedule that involves a calm and organized attitude. Your schedule will likely be far different than your friends so be prepared to work when they’re out having fun.

Do I have to be very thin to be a model?

For fashion modeling the average weight is between 108-125 lbs, which is skinny considering the minimum height is 5’8”. However, there are all sorts of modeling. Models for advertisements and catalogs are often chosen for a particular demographic, so they might be any weight, for example a golfing magazine might require a gray-haired, average weight man for their golf ads. There is also plus size modeling, which is ideal for sizes 12-14, but you need to have a toned body regardless of your size.

Is there an age minimum or maximum for models?

Nobody is ever too young or too old to be a model, because, again there are many types of modeling. There are lots of opportunities for child models, for kids clothing lines and kids products. In the same token, there are positions for older models, for products, clothing, etc.

Is there a particular look models must have?

The modeling industry usually looks for a "unique" look, but there’s no way to pinpoint what that is, aside from good skin and a toned body there is no one look, maybe yours is that look!

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New Faces Recent Successes: Kristy

Kristy's recent success was aided by his newfaces portfolio "I just wanted to say thanks to Just a few weeks after signing up I was contacted by representatives of L'Oreal to shoot for their upcoming print advertisement. The shoot was so much fun, and I met a lot of great people. The ad is going to be published in GLOW, FLARE and LOULOU Magazine for the December Issues. I can't wait to see the magazines hit the newstands. Thanks Newfaces!"

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