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Think you have what it takes to make it in showbiz? Here's your chance to prove it. TNT, the network dedicated to drama, will give one aspiring actor the tools to break into Hollywood.
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STUFF Magazine is hosting a Stuff Photo Booth Challenge. We're looking for a girl who has what it takes to be a STUFF model.
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Everyone’s been there: newly single and not happy about it. You’ve got to shake things up and nobody knows how to do that better than the experts at RELATIONSHIP REHAB, the Style Network’s newest show about getting over it and getting on with it!
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This week we want all Newfaces members get the most out of their online portfolios, so we’re offering photo and portfolio tips that will give you the most effective exposure to agents and scouts. Take a look at our success story, Heather, as an example of a great portfolio.

Tips for Your Newfaces Portfolio:

The information you provide in your portfolio is all agents and scouts have to know whether you are what they’re looking for. Make sure that your portfolio includes the following:

  • The correct gender category: It sounds simple, but several Newfaces portfolios are listed in the wrong gender, so check your portfolio and make sure yours isn’t one of them.

  • Your location information: Make sure your location information is correct because this is what agents rely on to find talent in their area, if you live in London, make sure you have that in your portfolio, so that agents don’t bypass you.

  • Height and weight information: Several portfolios have failed to include this information, and are for example automatically listed as under 2' for height. This makes it very difficult for agents to know whether you’re right for the part because this information is crucial for models and actors. Also check to make sure your weight information is in pounds not kilograms, as it is only listed in lbs. and will seem odd if you are, for example, 55 kgs and mistakenly put down 55 lbs.

  • Age information: Please always select the correct age, as an agent might be looking for your age group, but because you mistakenly or purposely wrote a different age, you won’t bee seen.

    Photo Tips:

    A fundamental part of your portfolio, your photo makes all the difference to agents. Follow these tips to make sure your image is the best it can be:

  • Make sure you’re looking straight into the camera: Agents can see your features this way, and this looks professional.

  • Choose images that are sharp and have good lighting: blurry, even slightly blurry, and dark or overly light images will get bypassed immediately.

  • Don’t cover your face with hair, hats, or sunglasses: If agents can’t fully see you, they won’t bother.

  • Choose a simple and uncluttered background: anything else looks unprofessional.

  • Crop and size your image: Your image should be sized so that it’s not too wide and not too small, your face should be prominent in the picture.

    More Advice

    New Faces Recent Successes: Heather

    Heather's recent success was aided by her newfaces portfolio "I added my face and information on New Faces and I was called to an audition for Hollister and was picked out of thousands. I was casted in a reality show were I filmed in Cali for 7 days with 5 other strangers. Soon to be aired late this fall. Thanks NEW FACES."

    Heather's Portfolio   What other members are saying about New Faces

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