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Itís a busy time of year, in an already hectic industry. With back-to-school and a transition into the colder season, itís easy to become stressed in the daily rush. This week weíre offering some relaxation advice that can make all the difference in making your dreams come true, like Randy our featured success story.

Relaxation tips for models and actors:

Itís well-known that models and actors have busy schedules, with long hours, sometimes away from home, so to help you manage in your career and life follow these tips:

  • Take Time To Relax: You have to make this a priority like everything else in your life, give yourself permission, just 15-20 minutes is all you need to feel rejuvenated.

  • Jot down your thoughts: At night and even at work, carry a notebook to help you remember what you need to do and cross off what youíve already done. This will help you stay on top of things.

  • Sleep: Itís simple but so many times people have trouble sleeping, make sure youíre in a relaxed environment, try reading or another calming activity and even aromatherapy candles can help.

  • Make time for yourself: For just 15 minutes each day make sure you take time to invigorate yourself, lie or sit back and think of something calming, and take deep breaths.

  • Treat yourself to a home spa: A nice soothing bath, with some scented bath gels will do wonders to calm tense nerves and soothe aching muscles.

    Meditation and Yoga for Relaxation:

    Both yoga and meditation are considered to be great ways to enhance relaxation, try to incorporate these methods into your schedule:

    Yoga: Lie flat on your back in a yoga position called Shavarsana. This exercise will help you de-stress your whole body. Bring your knees up so that your lower back touches the floor. Lower your legs straight out and your back will be in a good position for relaxing. Let your feet flop outwards, have your arms a little out from your sides with the palms facing up. Tilt your head forward a little, so that your neck is in a relaxed position. Start to de-stress each area, begin with one foot: the sole of the foot, the top of the foot, the ankle, the front of the calf, the back of the calf, and so on. Then the other leg. Then the abdomen, the buttocks, the lower back. For your arms, start with your fingers and work your way up. Finish with the throat, the back of the neck, the jaw, nostrils, eyelids, temples and forehead.

    Open-eyed Meditation: Gaze mildly at a certain object, keep the room dimly lit. The aim is to have a focus for the mind. If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the focal point. Calming the mind is the basis of all relaxation techniques, and that's why you'll feel warm and relaxed after doing the exercise.

    More Advice

    New Faces Recent Successes: Randy

    Randy's recent success was aided by his newfaces portfolio "We have had the new faces spot up about 5 or 6 months I would guess. I was not sure if I should spend the 275. But!! It has been the best investment I could have made. We just returned from a 10 day trip to Spain for a shoot and two months ago books a shoot in L.A. for Ace Hardware and are leaving July 10 for Montreal and New York for a Movie. Also, yesterday we had a book publisher contact us and he bought several pictures of Randy. All of this was out of New Faces and separate from his normal agents bookings. My wife and I were talking on the plane returning from Spain what a good deal New Faces has turned out to be. For us it has worked out well."

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