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Bravo TV's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is looking to cast dynamic male characters to make over on the show.
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Beautiful and slender models needed for a high-end swimsuit calendar that will shoot within 3-4 weeks.
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ABC's "The Bachelor" seeking all women aged 25-35, but especially now seeking beautiful ethnic girls, and girls in the 30-35 year old age group.
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There are now many options open to actors and models who want to get into the industry, for example, reality television is a great way to get noticed. This week we are showcasing some reality castings, along with tips for auditioning. Take a look at our success story to see how you too can make your dreams come true.

Reality Television Auditions:

Reality shows have taken the world by storm. However, they are not a new television concept. Reality shows, such as Candid Camera, have been around for years. Some might say that game shows are considered to be reality shows as well. Nevertheless, reality shows have exploded incredibly in recent years. Networks have realized the potential of increasing ratings and profits by airing numerous types of reality shows.

Reality shows now showcase a variety of topics with the most popular being dating shows and talent searches. Many of the participants in reality TV shows are simply actors trying to get some air time. Though not all of these contestants receive fame and fortune by appearing in reality shows, they all do receive some general recognition at the very least. Those most likely to reach stardom from reality shows are participating in talent searches such as Star Search, American Idol, Fame, and America's Next Top Model.

Reality TV show auditions may differ, depending on each type of reality show. Many of these shows will allow for applicants to send in pictures or videos for consideration. Most reality shows will require applicants to fill out a detailed application before they can be considered. Some may also subject applicants to physical or mental tests during reality TV show auditions.

Those who get past the application process and make it into a reality show must be comfortable with a great deal of television exposure, even at the worst moments.

What not to say in an audition:

Think back to your last job interview. You came prepared, with a few rehearsed answers, a folder-full of resumes in case they wanted more, and you wore some of your Sunday’s best, complete with well-pressed shirt, tie, blouse or skirt. Now imagine if you went to the same interview in a baseball cap and swimming shorts. You showed up 2 hours late. And you answered each question with a one-word answer. What would you say your chances of getting the job would be?

Your audition is a job interview. It’s not the place you want to look unprepared or unprofessional. Here are some examples of what not to say:

  • "Man, I messed up, can I start over and do it again." There is not necessarily anything wrong with this phrase by itself. In fact, it is somewhat commonplace for you to start over if you stubble over some words or lose your place in the audition sides or script. However, starting over simply because you didn’t like your performance is usually unacceptable and amateurish. Accept your weak performance and use it to enhance your next.

  • "I’m so nervous." Repeating this phrase is the equivalent of placing a sign over your forehead entitled “amateur”. In almost every audition, no matter how seasoned the actor, most everyone will be nervous on some level. But vocalizing your nervousness shows that you are too inexperienced to handle the pressure.

  • "That’s it!" You just gave your audition and, at the end of the scene, you yell out, “That’s it!” What a mistake! Allow your performance to sink in to the casting directors. The fact that you stopped talking is enough to let them know you’re done. The pros simply pause after the performance and then give a nod to the casting director in silence. The amateurs, in their nervous panic, hastily yell, “That’s it!”

  • "Sorry I’m late, but traffic is terrible." Three words for this crowd — No one cares! The casting directors don’t care why you’re late. They just know that you’re late and you are now interrupting or holding up the auditioning process. Remember the golden rule: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late!

  • "How did I do?" The surefire amateur phrase is asking, “how did I do”, after a performance. Never ask the casting director how you did. Asking him this is like asking your girlfriend why she broke up with you. She’s not going to be honest and tell you it was your excessive back hair that did her in. Likewise, a casting director is not going to tell you you did a lousy job if you did a lousy job. However, if you did great, don’t worry, it will surely be written all over his face.

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