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After recieving 100's of pictures, we are still searching for a girl, to sit alongside hip-hop artist Chase, in a studio setting for his upcoming CD "Break Borrow & Steal."
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Seeking M/F actors of various types for lead and supporting roles in the feature film "Blueprint."
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Wanna Cook Your Way Into Revamped Romance? Here's your chance to cook up some romance on Style Network's newest show, Foody Call.
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At New Faces Models & Talent we constantly work to improve and make additions to our already great features. This week we are happy to announce that all our members can now contact each other and upgraded members will be able to do this for free through a set number of credits each month. This new feature will allow photographers to access model and actor accounts, helping models and actors to get the headshots that will get them noticed, just like Paula, our featured success story.

How get your image across in a headshot:

The key to getting a casting is to portray who you are, which might be exactly what the casting director is looking for.

Any professional photographer, agent or manager will tell you that casting directors want your headshots to look exactly like you. Many new actors think these photo sessions present an opportunity to take glamour shots or pictures like those you see in model photo shoots. This is not the format for such photos. You need to let casting directors know exactly what to expect when you walk in the door. Anything else will only frustrate them and leave the impression that you simply don't know what you're doing.

When you find a good photographer it's a good idea to sit down and discuss your goals. If you want to get called for more commercial auditions you will want to shoot more expressive, more eccentric photos, than if you're going out for dramatic roles. If you're trying to showcase your skills as a stand up comedian, you probably don't want to be too stiff in your photos. There are exceptions to these rules, but the one constant in headshot photos is to be yourself. The right photographer will bring out the features that make you unique and special. Otherwise, you're just another pretty face in a town full of pretty faces.

Resume Tips for Models and Actors:

After you pass the "look test," the next stop is an analysis of your resume laser printed and stapled to the back of your headshot, of course. Here are two points that can make all the difference for your resume:

  • 1) Most casting directors will only have a few seconds to determine whether or not to read this page, so the first thing that will turn them off is a short experience list. As a rule of thumb, try to get 15 productions listed.

  • 2) Include your Email, its an easy way to contact actors, schedule an audition, and deliver sides. If you're worried about privacy, create a hotmail account specifically for the purpose.

    More Advice

    New Faces Recent Successes: Paula

    Paula's recent success was aided by her newfaces portfolio "Investing in an online portfolio on New Faces is the smartest thing I have ever done. I have already landed two major roles in blockbuster movies and done several commercials--one was shot in Hawaii. Thank you for having such a great (and popular!) site."

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