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November is upon us and for most people that means a return to cold winter weather. Even in warmer climates there’s no way to beat cooling temperatures. But sub-zero conditions are no excuse for snowsuits and granny sweaters (yes, the ones with the snowman print). Even in the most northern points of the globe models and actors need to heed the style warning that warm clothing doesn’t just have to be practical but can also be stylish. Follow this week’s tips to achieve your own winter look.

Winter Chic:

This season the trend has been towards warmer fabrics, fur (faux or real), and knitwear, which makes it easy to find stylish yet warm pieces:

  • Eveningwear: There's no need to resort to that skimpy (and frigid) cocktail dress, with a return of rich and thick fabrics like velvet, you can find a dress that will work double duty. Also look for items with fur trims which add a dab of sophistication and a whole lot of warmth.

  • Clothes that work: Chunky knitwear is appropriate for the falling temperature and for auditions. Pair a loose knit sweater with dress pants and you’re set. Add a belt for more structure, and stick to neutral colors depending on the image you want to portray.

  • The coat: It's the clear essential item of the season. Military inspired coats are all the rage, and their high collars and many buttons are ideal for windy days. Tweed and wool coats are the best choices for the cold and come in a range of colors that can stand out on their own or blend in perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. Brocade is back and brocade coats will add a classic feel to your look, but be careful that you pair the coat with a subtle outfit to avoid looking like wrapping paper!

  • Menswear: For men the choices this season are a return to classics. A dark turtleneck will add a touch of class to any outfit. If turtlenecks aren't for you, pair any dark colored (black, grey) sweater with dress pants and wear a pale blue or white collared shirt underneath.


    Although it's often said, in the winter it's even more true, accessories really do make the difference. Hats, gloves, scarves, and boots are winter necessities, but they're also a chance to add a dash of flare to your wardrobe:

  • Boots: Unless you plan on making frequent trips to the emergency room for broken bones, you need boots that are weather appropriate, but that doesn't mean rubber or construction boots. Ankle boots are popular, in all fabrics and colors, just make sure the heel is a length you can manage and that the sole has grips. If you choose knee-high boots, you can get fur leg-warmers to pull over them for added heat and style.

  • Hats, Scarves and Gloves: If you think these accessories are just for warmth you're missing out on their style potential. This season you can choose leather and fur (faux if you like) trimmed items that will make you look like a millionaire. Long scarves are also very much in style and can be wrapped around for maximum warmth.

  • Boleros: The new accessory that adds a 1950's feel to your look. Fur or velvet boleros are ideal for an evening out and will keep you shoulders wrapped in high-style.

  • Men's Accessories: Leather gloves and wool scarves are the simple choice for stylish men's accessories, but don't be afraid to experiment with some different fabrics and even color. A fur or shearling (again, faux if you like) trim on gloves might suit your look, in colors like beige, off-white and earth-tones.

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