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What does nutrition have to do with modeling and acting? A lot more than you'd think. What you eat has a lot to do with how you look, and not just your weight, but how shiny your hair is, how radiant your skin is, how good your nails and teeth look, and certainly how good you feel. Models and actors work long hours and so you need to get the most energy out of your meals. Follow this week's tips to keep you looking and feeling great – but of course always keep in mind your dietary concerns.

Eat And Look Great!

There are certain vitamins and minerals found in everyday foods can help maintain healthy skin, nails, teeth and hair, making you look good from the inside out.

  • Vitamin A: Essential for keeping the balance in your skin cells, this vitamin prevents dryness and promotes soft supple skin. Vitamin A can be found in fruits and vegetables, with carrots and dark vegetables being a great source, also animal products such as dairy and eggs contain the vitamin. A glass of milk or one cup of carrot juice is all adult men and women need to get a sufficient amount of this vitamin.

  • Niacin (a B vitamin): Your skin and nerves can't function without it, a deficiency can lead to dark spots on your skin. Meat and meat products, bread and cereals are a great source. One serving is enough, such as a small portion of chicken breast or two slices of bread.

  • Vitamin C: Often thought of as "the cold fighter" this vitamin maintains healthy tissues, without which gums would become inflamed as would vessels under the skin. Fruits and vegetables are a great source and one small orange will give you your daily recommended amount.

  • Iron: A deficiency in this mineral results in soft, thin nails, and hair loss. There are two sources for this mineral haem iron and non-haem iron, the first is more easily absorbed by your body, and can be found in meat, the second (non-haem) is available in cereals, vegetables and eggs. All you need is one boiled egg, a medium portion for steak, or four dried apricots.

  • Essential Fatty Acids: Yes, fat is necessary, but not the greasy kind. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential for the skin's structure and surface. Fish and vegetables are a great source of these fatty acids, what you need is one to two servings of fish a week.

    Foods That Will Keep You Going!

    Everyone needs to be concerned about maintaining energy especially those that have irregular job hours, like models and actors. You have to make the most of your eating habits and here are some tips on doing exactly that:

  • Plan in advance: If you think about it in advance you can plan a healthy meal rather than falling prey to whatever is available. When choosing a meal try to pair your proteins with carbohydrates, that ensures you get the most energy.

  • Eat a little, but all the time: Instead of the traditional two or three big meals try five or six small meals. This stabilizes your blood-glucose level which in turn keeps you energy constant.

  • You've heard it a million times but here it is one more time – eat breakfast: That first meal gets your body going and helps you concentrate better throughout the day. Try to add protein (like an egg) and high fiber foods (like whole-wheat toast) to your daily breakfast.

  • Stay away from sugar: Candy, cookies, and sodas might be your raison d’etre but they also set you up for an energy crash, and leave you wanting more just a little while later.

  • Drink lots of water: You've heard about the 8-10 glasses of water you need, and the reason is that hydration is essential to preventing fatigue.

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    New Faces Recent Successes: Michelle

    Michelle's recent success was aided by her newfaces portfolio "Recently I booked a L'Oreal ad through Newfaces! I participated in a photoshoot for December's issues of Flare, Glow and LouLou magazines. The advertising team was amazing to work with. They were friendly, accomodating and fun to work with."

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