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Do you need a designer look but can't afford it? Let E! Style Network's "The Look for Less" help! We're now seeking vibrant women 18-32 years.
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Feature film seeking M/F's 18-24, starring Sara Jessica Parker!
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UPN show casting, Cuts, about the Barnes' family-run barbershop. Background extras and principal parts available.
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This week weíre offering some tips on how to instantly improve your appearance and make a great impression on agents and scouts. Healthy skin is essential for models and actors alike, and weíre offering tips on how to get great skin, especially with the colder dry winter season ahead. Also, to make it easier to get to that audition, follow several quick tips on looking great in less time.

Skin Care Tips For Male/Female Models and Actors:

Skin care is a necessity for models and actors and it's one of the first things agents and scouts will notice. You can maintain great skin following a few simple tips.

  • Clean, clean, clean: A daily routine of cleansing products that donít contain harsh chemicals is the first step to flawless skin. Men have oilier skin so this is a crucial step for you. First you need a scrub to take off old skin, but be sure to use a gentle scrub, and finish with a moisturizer suited for your skin type. Based on your skin type you can also incorporate a deep cleansing treatment as needed.

  • Tone: Choose a toner with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids that reduce pore size and, as a bonus for men, prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Remember the weather: Now, with winter being a factor for most colder climates, specific moisturizers are needed to prevent damage. Always remember that SPF is still a concern in the winter and donít forget to protect your lips. Even for temperate climates, humidity or dry air might require different moisturizers so check the forecast and prepare accordingly!

  • Prevent damage before it happens: Avoid sun exposure and always use sunscreen, never leave makeup on overnight, and maintain a healthy diet that includes vitamin E and C because great skin also starts from the inside!

    Looking great in a hurry:

    We've all been there, youíre running late and you have to look good. The key is to stay calm and follow some easy tips to quickly change your appearance from groggy to renewed.

  • Apply a cold compress under your eyes: This is a great way to look refreshed even if you just rolled out of bed. Use a facecloth, napkin, or tissue paper immersed in cold water and apply for just a few seconds.

  • Focus on your best feature: You donít have time for a complete makeover so pick your best feature, eyes, lips, cheeks, whichever you want to highlight.

  • A little product goes a long way: For men, gel, used in moderate amounts, can tame unruly short hair. For women, keep in mind what type of hair you have and donít fight it. If you have curly hair use some mousse to tame frizz and if you have fine limp hair consider pulling it up in a high ponytail to create a sleek look.

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