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Recent Newsletters

Newsletter 5- Models & Actors

Skinny Model Controversy Rocks Fashion World

  • Death of runway model Luisel Ramos causes industry to take notice of weight concerns

Newsletter 4- Models & Actors

Top Fashion House News

Newsletter 3- Models & Actors

Supermodels Back On Top

Newsletter 2- Models & Actors

Stars Turned Models

Newsletter 1- Models & Actors

Our Re-launch Issue

Kids Newsletters

Newsletter 1- Child Talent

Child Talent Dominate Music Industry

  • Music industry has made a shift to recruiting more "triple threat" (acting, singing & dancing) child talent!

Older Newsletters

Newsletter 1- Models & Actors

Our Inaugural Issue: E!, WB, MTV, FHM and YM Castings

  • Casting call advice
  • What to wear and what to avoid

Newsletter 2- Models & Actors

News #2: Comedy Central, MTV and NBC Castings

  • A look into the fall season
  • Cheap chic: Karl Lagerfeld's and Stella McCartney's H&M designs
  • The bohemian look: what's trendy now

Newsletter 3- Models & Actors

News #3: The Maury Show, CBS and The Florida Panthers Castings

  • Child talent advice
  • Time management for child actors and models
  • The benefits of physical activity

Newsletter 4- Models & Actors

News #4: Feature Film and E! Castings

  • The perfect headshot: how you can get your image across
  • Resume tips for models and actors: the essentials that will get you picked from the pile

Newsletter 5- Models & Actors

News #5: Bravo, Swimsuit Calendar, and ABC Castings

  • Reality television, how to break into the industry with reality television
  • What to say in an audition

Newsletter 6- Models & Actors

News #6: WB, Fox, and ABC Castings

  • Fall fashion trends: what's in and what will make you stand out
  • Accessories: ethnic jewelry, metallic embellishments, Victorian influences and fur trim

Newsletter 7- Models & Actors

News #7: The Blue Man Group, WB and ABC Castings

  • Back-to-school, the new colder season, and all the stresses
  • Relaxation tips for models and actors
  • Meditation and yoga

Newsletter 8- Models & Actors

News #8: Stuff Magazine, TNT and Style Network Castings

  • Your NewFaces account
  • Managing your portfolio
  • Photo tips that will get you noticed

Newsletter 9- Models & Actors

News #9: Disney, UPN and ABC Castings

  • Common acting questions: learn if you have what it takes
  • Common modeling questions and answers: everything from the required height to industry stresses

Newsletter 10- Models & Actors

News #10: E!, Sara Jessica Parker and UPN Castings

  • Skin care tips for male/female models and actors: from cold weather to cleansing tips
  • How to look great in a hurry: what to focus on and how to look awake even if you don't feel awake

Newsletter 11- Models & Actors

News #11: E! and MTV Castings

  • What to eat to look great: The essential vitamins and minerals that you can get in everyday foods
  • Foods that will keep you going: how to avoid a nutritional crash with a hectic acting or modeling schedule

Newsletter 12- Models & Actors

News #12: CBS, Showtime at the Apollo and ABC Castings

  • Using NewFaces.com to break into the industry
  • Your role in getting into the industry

Newsletter 13- Models & Actors

News #13: Activteam, Tv Land, and elimiDate Castings

  • Winter chic: how to dress warm for the auditions without looking bulky
  • Winter accessories: boots, hats, and everything else that's essential and warm

Newsletter 14- Models & Actors

News #14: Wilhelmina, Disney and MTV

  • Female style icons: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman
  • Male style icons: Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and George Clooney

Newsletter 15- Models & Actors

News #15: GNC, Spike TV and Monster Castings

  • Luxury vs. low-cost for women: affordable versions of designer handbags, clothes, jewelry and more
  • Luxury vs. low-cost for men: designer menswear, a sports car and more that can be yours for less than you think

Newsletter 16- Models & Actors

News #16: Disney, Lifetime and Wilhelmina Castings

**Our New Industry Format**

  • The latest industry news
  • Acting industry: Honig Company Inc.'s new talent division
  • Modeling Industry: the new Mc2 Agency and Kate Moss' return

Newsletter 17- Models & Actors

News #17: The Discovery Channel, SunnySpot Productions and ABC Castings

  • Modeling industry: Marilyn Model Management's new industry magazine, and the Miss America Pageant's struggle to stay alive
  • Acting industry: new Actors' Equity Association deal that will increase off-Broadway salaries and health contributions

Newsletter 18- Models & Actors

News #18: Just For Men Commercial, New York Fashion Week and Rocky VI Castings

  • Modeling Industry: Elite Model Management's partnership with Pulse Management, and MTV and Irene Marie Agency's new show, "8th & Ocean"
  • Acting Industry: AFTRA and the Creative Coalition's stand against U.S. legislation that would fine performers for anything deemed indecency

Newsletter 19- Models & Actors

News #19: L'Oreal, Animal Planet and The Apprentice Castings

  • Modeling Industry: Boutique agencies like Bella, REICH and Request taht are coming to the forefront
  • Acting Industry: the Entertainment Industry Business Council's panel on ethnic marketing conclude that films and tv shows aren't reflecting the population

Newsletter 20- Models & Actors

News #20: DNA Models, ABC, and Musclemag Castings

  • Modeling Industry: Scarlett Johansson as the new face of L'Or�al
  • Acting Industry: MTV's shift into mobile technology