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Browse the online photo gallery portfolios of the baby girl models and types of child modeling. Our female child models include talented child models from over 87 countries around the world, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Asia, Europe and Australia.

If you're a parent of a talented young girl and you think she'd enjoy being a child model, you can get her modeling career started with a newfaces.com online model portfolio and start getting access to the industry's best child modeling castings. Signup now - it's quick and easy - and a basic level portfolio is FREE! Or if you need to know more about what it takes for a baby to succeed in professional modeling and what to learn how to help your girl at castings, auditions and modeling agencies, the Parent's Guide

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Or if you need to know more about what it takes for a baby girl to succeed in professional modeling and what to learn how to help your girl at castings, auditions and modeling agencies, the A Parent's Guide to Child Acting and Modeling is a great resource for parents of child models and actors. Could your child or preteen be the next star? If you think your child could appear in major movies, ads and magazines then these are the child talent guides for you! Find out insider information on how to help your child start a successful acting and modeling career.

Regularly reviewed in top magazines, newspapers and on television, New Faces has been the premier and most respected online model and acting talent community since 1995. New Faces model and talent community provides unparalleled exposure for individuals seeking careers in film and fashion. More importantly, newfaces.com is frequented by top editors, photographers, casting agents, and directors from the largest companies in the business, such as Alliance Atlantis, America Next Top Model, MGM, Miramax, Warner Brothers, ABC, FOX Network, and more. View current casting calls and auditions.


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