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Laurenmeley's Resume

Oleanna - Carol (lead), NYU Television Project
Family Practice - Psychic Patient, Norcross Media LLC
Connections - Lauren (lead), INH Productions, LLC
Tragedy By The Sea - Bereaved Mother (lead), Figure on the Wall Productions
Book of Lore - Kristin (supporting), LaMartina Productions
Mary - Leslie (supporting), Drive-In Productions
Aduri - News Anchor Woman, Company Ink Productions
Unfinished Business - Monica (lead), Mahmood Productions
The Azure Sky - Vivian (supporting), Dying Rhyme Productions
Syringe - Melissa (lead), KDK Productions
bent - Autumn (supporting), Buckwilde Ent., LLC
At The Margin - Vak Cell (lead), Drive-In Productions
National Treasure: Book of Secrets - White House Staffer, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Step Up - Dancer, Eketahuna, LLC
16 Blocks - NYC Pedestrian, Block 16, LLC

THEATER (partial credits)
The Columbine Project - Jen/Becca, u.s. Rachel, The Actors Temple Theater, Off-Broadway
Father Mike - Angela, The Gallery Players
The Battle of Puebla - Amy, Phare Play Productions
Love & Humor Theatrical Showcase - Sarah, The Actors Project NYC
Enigmatic Lucidity - Angelina, 13th Street Repertory Co.
Three Cheers for the UFO - Phoebe, 13th Street Repertory Co.
Journey Theatrical Showcase - Johnnys Girlfriend, The Actors Project NYC
You Cant Take It With You - Essie Carmichael, Perry Hall Theatre
A Christmas Carol - Martha Cratchit, Wishing Star Theatre

The Lonesome West - Girleen Kelleher (Terry Schreiber)
Snow Leopards - Sally (Terry Schreiber)
Brilliant Traces - Rosannah Deluce (Terry Schreiber)
A Hatful of Rain - Celia Pope (Robert Verlaque)
A Streetcar Named Desire - Stella Kowalski (Peter Jensen)
A View from the Bridge - Catherine (Peter Jensen)
42 Seconds from Broadway - Robin (Peter Jensen)
American Beauty - Jane Burnham (Penny Templeton)

Improvmania - Seth Michael May, Bryan Ratdke
Advanced On-Camera Technique - Acting Technique, Penny Templeton
Advanced Film Actor Master Class - Workshop, Kimberly Graham
T. Schreiber Studio Scene Study - Scene Study, Peter Jensen
T. Schreiber Studio Conservatory - Acting Technique, Robert Verlaque
T. Schreiber Studio Conservatory - Vocal Production, Page Clements
T. Schreiber Studio Conservatory - Body Dynamics, Carol Reynolds
Terry Schreiber Intensive - Scene Study, Terry Schreiber
Film/TV Audition Technique - Workshop, Jennifer Rudolph
Performance Workshop Theatre - Workshop, Marc Horwitz
Loch Raven Academy - Curriculum, Paul Sacks
Perry Hall High School - Curriculum, Harry McShea

General: Stage Combat, Basic French, Marching Band Pom Squad, Licensed Driver
Dance/Movement: Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Character, Lyrical, Yoga
Accents: British, New York, West Irish, Southern