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444000's Resume

Singing Composing songs Acting
Dancing Writing stories Tae Kwon Do
12/10 release date - Hiding Place - Independent Film ( - Kisha- Main Character
8/09 Pinocchio - (Pinocchio)OFF BROADWAY-Adam Roebuck
6/09 Fiddler on the roof - Main Stage production
4/09 The Wiz - OFF BROADWAY_ Adam Roebuck Studios
2/13/09 Commercial American Airlines
11/08 Green Apples Web Series project
10/08 PBS -TV show Sesame - The Electric Company 1/09
10/08 & 4/08Nickelodeon - Team Umizoomi (new interactive animated TV show)
2008- Print shoot Lifestyles & Print School days
2008 The CareGirlz - girl group 4-10yrs, singing & dancing
2008 NY Film Academy Lead role “I’m Afraid, I Am Hitler”
2008 NY Film Academy Lead role “THE PARALLELS”
2008 Nokia commercial
2008 &2009- RFK Theater - The Wiz, Annie (1/09) - Main Stage Production &Tom Sawyer
Good Morning America - 2008 Hanna Montana, Coat Drive, Janet Jackson, Christmas Show, Barbie’s Birthday, Mothers Day
Time Square Kidz - Musical theater performance group Performed 9th Ave International Food Festival 39th Street 5/20/07
Plays( local theater group) - Annie & The Secret Garden - Colin
MTV 2 & Baby Town - Oxygen network
USA World Show Case (USA network) 1st place singing
2007 East Coast USA National & NY Natural grand Supreme Regional, States, Nationals, beauty, modeling, dialogue, photogenic, talent
Attends Bellows School in Rye Neck NY - Fifth Grade (fall) A + student
Voice lessons, Piano & Guitar Lessons Larchmont Music Academy
Dance lessons - Magical Movements (Ballet, Tap, jazz, modern)
Acting Lessons - Madelyn Burns Talent, Time Sq Kidz, Random Farms Kids Theater
Tae Kwon Do - Black belt 1st Dan- TEST -2nd Dan 10/09 BM Kim Tae Kwon Do