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Suzi's Resume

Suzi Simpson - One of Playboy's
most memorable centerfolds. Suzi
has enjoyed a modeling career
with many coveted jobs. Her first
jobs included a Pepsi commercial
with Michael Jackson and a
Wrigley's gum commercial. Then to
a year of hosting the music video
show Hot Rocks to being the Lange
Ski poster model, the cover girl
on the Harley Davidson calendar,
and so much more. Here are just a
few: Playboys Miss January 1992,
Playboy Seinfeld Issue Covergirl,
Playboys Book Of Lingerie
Covergirl, Busch/Busch Lite
Poster Girl, Budweiser Poster
Girl, Slitz Magazie Covergirl and
Poster Girl and more. Suzi's
heart lies in acting and writing
and is available to fashion,
glamour, calendars, magazines and