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Randy's Resume


"Agent X" 2015 John Case - Young Agent X Director-Peter O'Fallon
"Wuthering High School" 2015 Lead/Kenneth Director-Anthony DiBlasi
"In Extremis" 2015 Lead/Stephen Tade Director-Don FauntLeRoy
"The Young and the Restless" 2012 Max CBS
"Oliver's Ghost" 2011 Lead/Ethan-Hallmark Hall of Fame Director-David S. Cass Sr.
"Racer Kid" 2011 Lead/Marc Director-Dennis Devine
"Settled at Sunrise" 2009 Lead/James Director-Andrew Kersten
"Jude" 2009 Lead/Ferdinand Director-Ben Rock
"A Gothic Tale" 2008 Supporting/Young Mark Heim Director-Justin Paul Ritter
"Jacob" 2007 Lead/Jacob Director Woodson Parker
"The Don of Virgil Jr. High" 2007 (Pilot) Lead/Chad Director-Deon Hayman
"Beowulf" 2007 Robert Zemeckis/Sony Pictures Imageworks
"Gray Matter" 2006 Lead/Tommy Director-Christina Hamlin
"3 Times a Lady" 2006 Lead/Gregory Director-David Jiblavze
"The Missing Piece" 2006 Lead/Bryan Director-Kate Cogston
"L-I-C-K-S-K-I-L-L-E-T" 2006 Lead/Zach Director-Kaylie Stenger
"Dust" 2005 Lead/Son Director-Eric M. Reinecke
"The Last Visit" 2005 Lead/Chris Director-Alexander McNall
"Vanquished" 2005 Lead/Zach Director-Luigi DeSole
"Lost" 2005 Lead/Sebastian Director-Veronica Garcia
"Do You Remember" 2005 Lead/Young Michael Director-Amy Downing
Others available on Request


"A Play by Joshua Feinberg" 2008 Lead/David Shine/Young Playwrights
"The Leaning Tree" 2006 Lead/Malcolm J. Michael Ferniany


"T-Mobile National Commercial" 2011 Derrick Director Jordan Brady
"Rayovac Disney Magic Wand" 2009 Prince Charming Director John Mastromonico
"Eaten Alive-Black Bear" 2009 Lead Kelly Director-Tim Conrad
"Ashley Furniture" 2008 National Campaign Director-Colette Freedman
"Good Morning America" 2006 Playing Himself Network-ABC News
"Primetime Live" 2005 Playing Himself Network-ABC News
"Friday Night Slime Time" 2005 Playing Himself-Nickelodeon
"California Deluxe Windows" 2005 Commercial-Joanne Mcgrath
"Beyond Bob" 2005 Music Video Producer-Dionysus Entertainment
Boy Scouts of America/HFH - Featured
Others available on Request


Coca-Cola - 2009-11 International Campaign Emilie Muller Productions
Bose Big Max - 2008 National Campaign Oishii Productions
Neiman-Marcus - Spring 2006
Guess Jeans International Campaign - Spring 2006
Talbot's Kids 2006 - Fashion
Lands' End 2006 - Fashion
Forbes Magazine/Hickey Freeman - September 2005 issue
Bloomingdales 2005 Christmas Catalogue - Fashion
Kohl's - Fashion
Town & Country Magazine/Brooks Brothers - October 2005 issue
Next Directory UK - Fashion
Peebles - Fashion
Proffit's Department Stores - Fashion
Army Air Force Exchange Service - Fashion
Dallas Child Magazine - Cover
Haverty's Furniture - Principal
Goodys Department Stores - Cover and fashion.
Others available on Request


Radio Disney - 2005 Radio Disney Kid ABC/Disney


Christine McClure - Private Studies - CA
Michael Woolson - Private Studies - Michael Woolson Studios - CA
Kevin McDermott - Private Studies - The Actors Circle - CA
Nancy Chartier - Television Workshops - R.E.A.C.T. Dallas, TX
Cathryn Hartt - Improv and Advanced Studies for Film Hartt and Soul Studios Dallas, TX
Katie Agresta - Voice - New York, NY
Shane Sparks - Dance - Millennium, Studio City, CA


Krav Maga, Yachting, Certified Scuba Diver, Water Skiing, Soccer, Skateboarding, Archery, Ice/Roller Skating, Inline Skating, Competitive Bike Riding, Swimming.
Other Facts
Randy resides in Los Angeles.
Complete Resume and Conflicts available on request