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Work as Movie and Television Extras
The Benefits of Working as Movie Extras or TV Extras
Becoming a movie or TV extra is the easiest way to break into show business. In fact, it is the easiest road to Hollywood. Because most movie extra jobs do not require experience, it is an opportunity for people interested in acting to benefit from getting some acting practice and film exposure.

Not only do they get to meet and work with their favorite celebrities and movie stars, and appear in major Hollywood movies, but they are also able to observe how the actual filming at a movie set takes place, and get paid to spend their day on-set.

Movie extras are people used in background roles in film settings to make films look more realistic in order to have authentic looking environment; therefore movie extras are sometimes also called "background actors."

Some of the benefits of being a movie extra are:
1. No Experience or Education Needed
Because each film environment differs, movie extras who are needed to make the set look natural also vary. Therefore, people of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities can get work as movie extras.
2. Easy Work
Extras are used as human props to make a film environment look natural so they often have little or no lines to memorize at all. No big acting skills are required either. They just sit, stand, or walk behind the main actors and they instantly become part of the movie.
3. Meet Celebrities
Imagine rubbing shoulders with the most popular actors and celebrities in show business! A day of background acting could already mean meeting or having the opportunity to act alongside your Hollywood idols.
4. Work Flexible Hours
Extras often have long periods of waiting around during film shoots while the film crew prepare for their part to be ready to be filmed. Waiting around during the film shoot - while getting paid - also means that you have time for internet, reading, texting, or catching up on things you needed to do.
5. Competitive Pay
On smaller or student productions, background extras acting usually offers low or little pay except for film exposure and/or "copy and credit" (no pay, only copy and credit of the project). But major film projects pay extras well. In the USA, movie extras who are SAG or AFTRA members are paid on union scale, with provisions for overtime, costumes, and special duties. The basic rate for an 8-hour work day for a SAG movie extra ranges from US $130 to US $309. Non-SAG or non-union extras wages vary, but they can be paid even more than that.
6. Opportunity to Learn More about Acting and/or Modeling
Working as a film extra not only helps develop your acting skills, it also introduces you to the basics of real film-making. For children who want to follow the glitz of Hollywood, playing as movie extras can be used as first film experience to their acting career. For adults, background acting can be a fun part-time job. Extras also experience being on the sets of many movies, televisions, and commercials. Plus, extras get to meet the people behind the film – producers, casting directors, agents, etc. – all those important figures that could open career doors to future superstars.

Many famous movie stars began their careers as movie extras including: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Sylvestre Stallone, Megan Fox, Keanu Reeves, Julian Sands, Renee Zellweger, Jean Harlow, Shirley Temple.

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Movie Stars and Celebrities who started their acting career as a movie extra or television extra Examples of Movie Stars and Celebrities who started their acting career as a movie extra