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Lucas, 17, 6'4"
Paris, France
1 Photo

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Joy, 18, 5'8"
New York City, NY
1 Photo

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Gabrielle, 15, 5'5"
Washington, Dc, VA
1 Photo

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Wanda, 17, 5'6"
Chicago, IL
1 Photo

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Isha, 19, 5'3"
Manchester , U.K.
1 Photo

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Kimber, 16, 5'3"
Dallas, TX
1 Photo

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Dana, 17, 5'4"
Inverness, U.K.
1 Photo

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Jessica, 18, 5'8"
Saint Marys, GA
1 Photo

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Sarah, 18, 5'5"
Detroit, MI
1 Photo

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Amy-jo, 18, 5'6"
Brisbane, Australia
1 Photo



New Faces® was the very first portfolio service on the Internet. We have been around since summer 1995, longer than ANY of our competition. We are the premier online talent database,used by top industry professionals.


Some of the world's leading models are the first to admit that they don't always look photo ready. In fact many of the latest top models and world-renowned supermodels are more than willing to share their beauty tips and secrets to benefit other leading and aspiring models.

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Top Teen Models & Actors Agencies + more agencies

Montgomery Theater
Director / Producer

Kool Hair
Hair / Makeup Artist

Philadelphia Theatre Workshop
Director / Producer

Food Stamp Films
Film Industry

Fred Segal Beauty
Clothing Stylist

Jigsaw Casting Ltd.
Casting Agent / Agency

Karlee Artist Management Inc
Hair / Makeup Artist

Celestine Agency LA
Hair / Makeup Artist

HILARY Magazine
Magazine / Publisher

Rodney Leconte Films
Director / Producer

Factor Women
Model Agency

Pure Magazine
Magazine / Publisher


BIANCA New York, NY Images: 11
HAYLEY Batavia , IL Images: 1
LAINEY Detroit, MI Images: 4
SHEKERA Yokohama, Japan Images: 1
MANOJ Agra, India Images: 1
FABIOLA San Juan, Puert Images: 1
LYKKE Tokyo, Japan Images: 1
JULIANA Los Angeles, CA Images: 8
VICTORIA London , U.K. Images: 1
MACHIA Kansas City, MO Images: 1

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Teen Model & Actors SUCCESS STORIES + more success stories

New Faces Teen Actor / Model Success Story - Teen Actor & Model Launches Career into Stardom

Teen Actor & Model Launches Career into Stardom

Since Danielle began her career with New Faces™ two years ago, she has not only gained success in modeling but has also become an accomplished actress. She has modeled for, among others, Tommy Hilfiger, two issues of Girls' Life Magazine, was the cover model for Parent Magazine and walked the runway for Back to School Fashion Shows this year. Danielle has appeared in countless commercials and music videos, has been in two movies and now stars in a teen sitcom.

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