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How Does New Faces Work?

[-] Q. I want to be a model or actor, where's the best place to start?

ANSWER: The best place to start is by signing up for a portfolio. Our portfolios give you worldwide exposure and are browsed regularly by casting agents. Basic accounts are free and allow you to post one photo and some basic stats.

When creating your account you'll be given the option of Basic, Silver, Platinum or Elite. The better your account is, the more photos and details you'll be able to post, which increases the chances that a casting agent will want to contact you. It also allows you to the special members-only casting areas of the forums.


[-] Q. How much does it cost?

ANSWER: Basic accounts are completely FREE, but only allow you to post one photo and very basic stats.

When creating your account (start here: Sign Up!) you'll be given the option of Basic, Silver, Platinum or Elite. The better your account is, the more photos and details you'll be able to post, which increases the chances that a casting agent will want to contact you.

In all casting searches, Elite members show up first, followed by Platinum, then Silver, then Basic is last. Being a Silver or higher member also allows you access to the special members-only casting areas of the forums.

There is a complete comparison of what each membership level gets you in your LaunchPad and during Sign Up, or you can click here for immediate reference: View Packages & Pricelist

We use PayPal to accept payments, because it allows users to pay with several different methods. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card. PayPal also allows you to pay by online check or direct money transfer. More information on different payment methods available.

[-] Q. I'm a casting agent, how do I contact the models and actors?

ANSWER: You need to make an Agent account:

  1. You can create an Agent or Industry account here. Once you've done that, follow these instructions:
  2. Go to Model / Talent Search and search for the type of model or actor you're looking for.
  3. When results come up, you can click on the thumbnail to be brought to that model/actor's portfolio page.
  4. On each model/actor's portfolio page there is a "Contact" link (on the right near the top) which takes you to a Member Messages email form that will allow you to contact the model/actor. They will then be emailed (after the email is approved) and can respond directly to you if they are interested in your casting call, representation offer or message. If you have trouble contacting a member, please contact us (using the form below) and we will try for you.

[-] Q. How do I upload my photo(s)?

ANSWER: Before you can upload photos, you need to Sign Up for a "portfolio" account. Once you've done this, you'll be able to access your Career LaunchPad where you can upload photos:

  1. Go to your Career LaunchPad at: http://newfaces.com/launchpad/ and login.
  2. Click the "Photos" tab at the top.
  3. Once you are on the upload photos page, you can click "Load Image" and then browse to find the image on your computer. Select the image and fill out the details like title and category for the image before clicking save.
  4. After this, you should see your photo loaded.


  • Be sure to read the directions on the Photo page about how to format your photos and how to make them as professional as possible.
  • Please also see the Photo Tips page for info on how to make your photo get you the most castings possible.
  • Remember that when you click save, your computer has to send the photo to the newfaces.com server so it can appear on our site. On slow connections, large files can take a while to upload, so please be patient and don't click away.

Remember that when you click save, your computer has to send the photo to the newfaces.com server so it can appear on our site. On slow connections, large files can take a while to upload, so please be patient and don't click away.

[-] Q. Is New Faces an agency? What advantages does New Faces™ have over my local agency?

ANSWER: New Faces™ is not an agency in the traditional sense of the word. We provide the premier online service for models, actors, child talent and photographers to display their portfolios on and get job offers from.

Our online portfolio service is known as the best in the business and has been launching supermodels and top actors and child talent since 1995.

A big advantage of NewFaces.com over a typical modeling or talent agency is that, unlike an agency which takes 20% commission on every dollar you make, New Faces™ takes no commission - $0 - from each job you get through your portfolio!

Additional advantages of New Faces™ over a local agency:

  1. You may live in Chicago (for example) and have a unique look or talent that fits the market in Paris and London (but not Chicago), which means that unless you get worldwide casting exposure through New Faces™, you are missing valuable opportunities!
  2. An agency in Chicago may send your photo (along with 50 others) to local castings for catalog work but not to castings for editorial or television. On New Faces™, your portfolio will be seen by casting agents from around the world looking for talent & models for editorial, television, film, commercials, runway and more!
  3. With New Faces™ you have the opportunity to get modeling contracts not only with local agencies in Chicago but also top agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo... anywhere in the world!

If you already have an agency: Your participation in New Faces™ should not conflict with any modeling/talent agency contracts. You and your agency should only benefit from your increased exposure. A bonus for you: If you choose not to go through an agency for the jobs you get on NewFaces.com, you will not have to pay any commission on the money you make!

[-] Q. What type of response are the models and actors getting?

ANSWER: The models, actors and child talent on New Faces™ have always gotten, and continue to get tremendous response from legitimate casting and modeling agents. Many of our models have been signed with top agencies around the world (including Elite, Ford, Next, Storm, IMG, etc.) within days of upgrading to Elite or Platinum portfolio status. New Faces™ is visited and emailed regularly by top modeling agencies and casting scouts. Most of the models and actors get weekly modeling jobs, parts in movies and free photoshoots regularly as a result of being listed on NewFaces.com

Read some Testimonials or view Success Stories.

[-] Q. How will agencies, casting directors, etc. contact me?

ANSWER: Users will contact you directly through our Member Messages system. Each portfolio links to an interactive form which agents and scouts can use to contact you. The agents must enter their company/agency name, phone number, address, and job info in the message. You will then be automatically notified via email that you have a Member Message waiting to be viewied in your LaunchPad. Your email will not be made public.

With a Silver or higher portfolio, you will also gain access to our exclusive Casting Calls area, where you may choose to contact some of the casting agents and bookers listed in this area directly.

[-] Q. NewFaces.com vs. the Competition: How does NewFaces.com stack up?

ANSWER: New Faces™ was the very first portfolio service on the Internet. We have been around since summer 1995, longer than ANY of our competition. We are the premier online talent database, used by top industry professionals.

Compare to ANY Modeling Portfolio Site:

  • New Faces™ has models and actors -- therefore, if you are in the models section, the casting directors for movies, TV and commercials who frequent this site (to look at the actors and also check out the models) will see your photo. Other sites that just focus on models will only have people who are interested in looking at fashion models (ie. usually not film/TV or commercial casting directors) viewing their site and you will miss being cast in any film work.
  • Some sites, such as models.com, only allow modeling agencies to register - not casting directors, talent agencies, magazine scouts, etc. (Models.com also does not have actors - see previous point.) Many other sites require registration before viewing portfolios - this cuts down on the number of casting agents and agencies viewing a model's photos. Many will not have time or want to register and therefore will not view the photos.

Business Practice:

  • Since we were established in 1995, the Better Business Bureau has not had one complaint against us, NewFaces.com. It is our #1 priority to make sure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with our service and their online portfolio.
  • Read the following investigative report into eModelTalent/eModel/OptionsTalent company: Fox News.
  • Read the Better Business Bureau file on Options Talent aka. Wilhelmina Scouting, Trans Continental Talent, Boston Models, eModel.com, eModel Scouting, eModel Talent, etc. (also look under "Additional Doing-Business-As Names" in file.)
  • Read the Better Business Bureau file on ModelNetwork.com aka. Model Source, Starbound, etc. (look under "Additional Doing-Business-As Names" at bottom of page - also note the number of times they changed their phone number and address.)

Our file (NewFaces.com) with the Better Business Bureau states: "New Faces / NewFaces.com - The Bureau has processed no customer complaints on this company since the Bureau file opened."

[-] Q. Does it matter where I live?

ANSWER: The great thing about the Internet is that it definitely does not matter where you live. Someone who lives in Singapore will still get the same amount of exposure to modeling and casting agents on New Faces™ as someone who lives in New York. NewFaces.com's Web Site is intended and designed to maximize exposure world wide, thus helping you to be seen by the right person, no matter where you live.

In fact, for those living in small towns or countries in Europe and Asia, being on NewFaces.com is a smart decision as it will get your portfolio seen by casting agents in the major modeling markets such as New York, Paris, LA, etc. If you are offered a job in another city, most often you will negotiate with the casting agent, producer or agency to have them pay for your travel expenses, flight and hotel.

Yet another advantage to an Online Portfolio on NewFaces.com: You may live in Chicago (for example) and have a unique look or talent that fits the market in Hamburg and Singapore but not Chicago, which means that unless you get worldwide casting exposure through New Faces™, you are missing important career-making opportunities!

[-] Q. Do I need experience?

ANSWER: Not necessarily. Many people from many different backgrounds have been successful in the performing arts industry. Models and actors with little or no experience are chosen for large parts in movies, TV commercials, TV shows and more -- every day! Because of NewFaces.com's world wide exposure, you will have the chance to be seen by scouts looking for someone exactly like you.

[-] Q. What if I can't afford professional photos?

ANSWER: Keep in mind: the more professional your photos are the more job offers you will likely receive. If you can afford it, get professional photos taken (if you don't have some already). If you can't afford it then you should consider getting shots taken at a photo studio like Glamour Shots rather than only submitting snapshots.

Get someone you know is good at photography (a friend or a parent) to take some photos of you. Emulate simple, professional ones from magazines - take a variety of them in different clothes with different makeup and hair (some very natural, some more done-up). Make sure your face is straight-on to the camera and is not tilted or obstructed by hair, glasses, a hat, etc.

Please see our PHOTO TIPS page. The tips on this page will help you to improve your photo so that more casting agents will book you.

Photographers will likely contact you through your online portfolio and ask if you want to do free photoshoots to get better photos. You can also contact the Photographers with portfolios on New Faces and ask if they would be intersted in shooting with you. Be sure to check that they're in the same city as you!

Note: More pictures in your online portfolio are necessary to show experience in other areas (i.e., swimsuit, high fashion, hands/legs, etc.) All photos should be sharp and in-focus with your face clearly visible and a simple background. See the instructions in your Career LaunchPad.

To have photographs digitized, go to Kinkos Copy Center and have them scan and email them to you. For your New Faces portfolio, you'll need them to be 72 dpi JPG/jpeg and 800 pixels tall, 90 or 100% quality.

[-] Q. Can you touch~up my photos? (ex. under~eye circles, blemishes, redness, contrast, etc.)

ANSWER: Yes, we offer professional photo retouching (Digital Photo Enhancement) for a fee to both members and non-members. We believe that you should have the same advantages that models in magazines do. Our photo retouching experts use the same programs that advertising agencies use to re-touch your photos like they do in magazines.

If you provide us with a high-resolution scan we will retouch the photo and send it back (in the same resolution as it was sent to us). You can then have the image printed on photographic paper for your comp card or portfolio.

If you order 5 or more photos to be retouched we will mail you a CD with the retouched images (please request in correspondence).

Click here for more information and to order.

[-] Q. By joining New Faces™ will I be guaranteed work?

ANSWER: The models and actors on NewFaces.com get regular job offers from top TV shows, magazines, agencies, etc. View a list of recent examples.

No reputable modeling/talent agency or sevice can guarantee work. If they do, this is a warning of a scam. New Faces™ can't guarantee job placement for its members because the amount of jobs a model or actor gets largely depends on the quality of the model's photographs, the model or actors 'look' and what is in demand.

That said, considering the response our models, actors and child talent have been getting, you do have an excellent chance of landing many modeling and acting jobs, if you have a Silver, Platinum or Elite portfolio. The New Faces™ Web Site is designed to maximize exposure world wide, thus helping you to be seen by the right person. We get more traffic than any of our competitors, which translates into more opportunity for you to be seen by the 'right' person.

Our Casting Calls & Auditions section gives you access to listings of recent casting calls and auditions, which dramatically increases your chances of getting work. (You may choose to follow these offers up if they are suited to your talent/look.)

[-] Q. Can I mail my photos to New Faces?

ANSWER: We only provide this service to Platinum and Elite Members, or those who order the photo retouching service.

Click here to order the Digital Photo Enhancement service

To upgrade: Login to Your Career LaunchPad and click Upgrade.

Alternatively, we suggest you bring their picture to the nearest Kinko's or similar to get them scanned. It's affordable, quick, and they can either email or put the pictures on CD's for you.

[-] Q. Can you give me advice on how to become a model or actor?

ANSWER: We provide a Pro Advice section for Silver, Platinum and Elite members where you can get personal advice from top pro models, agents and photographers.

We regret that due to the number of requests we receive daily, we can not give Basic Members personal advice about modeling or acting potential via email. However, we do provide a Modeling Advice section, which is full of advice for models, actors and parents.

If you are a Silver, Platinum or Elite member: You may access the Pro Advice section of our forums, where we have top agencies, bookers, casting agents and top models available to answer questions and give personalized modeling advice.

We highly recommend the Insider's Guide to Modeling or A Parent's Guide to Child Talent.

[-] Q. How can I change my email address and/or password?

ANSWER: Just login with your regular user id and password and then click on the Membership tab. Your original e-mail will appear in the My Details box, just erase it and write in your new e-mail, as well just above the My Details box there is a link to change your password, click there and enter your old and new passwords to create a new password.

[-] Q. How can I change my name, age, and/or add to the information on my profile?

ANSWER: Login and click on the About Me tab, enter all your profile information as needed. Note that upgraded members will have more fields to fill in. To change your age either fill in the required field in the About Me tab or click on the Membership tab and fill it in there.

[-] Q. I don't want my picture to show up on Google

ANSWER: We understand your concern, but as with anytime that you post something online, Google adds that information and photos to their searches automatically. However, we ensure that your personal information, e-mail, full name etc. are not viewable online. If you don't want your photo to come up under your name, change your display name to show only your first name (instead of your full name) under the Membership Tab in the LaunchPad.

[-] Q. How can I cancel?

ANSWER: We provide detailed, step-by-step instructions in your member LaunchPad on how to cancel your portfolio and/or remove it from the search.

MODELS and ACTORS: You can find these How to Cancel instructions in your LaunchPad under the 'Membership' tab. PHOTOGRAPHERS: There is a How to Cancel link near the top of each page in your Photographer Launchpad.

Please follow the Cancel instructions in your LaunchPad instead of emailing us, as we can not manually cancel your membership for you. You must follow the instructions in your Launchpad to cancel your membership. NOTE: If you are a paying member, your PayPal subscription can only be cancelled through your PayPal account at paypal.com and you will find instructions on how to do this in your LaunchPad.

[-] Q. Is it safe to have my picture on New Faces?

ANSWER: New Faces takes safety and privacy issues very seriously, which is why we created our Member Messages system. This system keeps all your contact information private and secure, while still allowing you to safely communicate with other members.

In addition, we have implemented the following safety features:

  • Your Display Name: We allow you to only display your first name (to choose this option go to the Membership Tab in your LaunchPad).
  • Your Location: You are expected to put the nearest BIG city, not necessarily your hometown, which further enhances your privacy.
  • Your Member ID: We advise you not to use your full name as your member ID since your Member ID because part of your public portfolio web address. Example: http://www.newfaces.com/Member-ID.
  • Your Images: We imprint member's large photo to limit the possibility of it being stolen from the site by "watermarking" the large photos with a New Faces logo. We also add programming to make it so that in most browsers, the large photos can't be clicked on to be downloaded and saved.

Please Note:

Unfortunately anyone on the internet can download (copy) someone's photo and pretend to be them. This unfortunately is the nature of the internet technology. Newfaces.com has no way of knowing if a person who signs up for an online portfolio is the person they are representing themselves to be. And we also have no way of knowing, if some person copies their photo and pretends it is their photo on another site.

That is ALL any website can do. There is no 100% way to protect photos on the internet. You should realize that although New Faces takes precautions and try our best to protect photos, that we make no guarantee that someone can't or won't copy a photo and misuse it. Newfaces.com or any website can not be responsible for every person's actions in the whole world that is using the internet.

[-] Q. I am a parent of a talented child ~ are there any special signup instructions or considerations...?

I am a parent of a talented child - are there any special signup instructions or considerations for parents of child talent?

ANSWER: New Faces takes safety and privacy issues of children members very seriously. In addition to our Member Messages system which keeps all your contact information private and secure, while still allowing you to safely communicate with other members, we also have the following instructions especially for parents of child talent.

To sign up your child for a talent portfolio at New Faces, just follow these simple instructions:

Step 1)
To sign up your child, select either MODEL or ACTOR, do not sign up as an agent on their behalf. Enter your child's first name and last name NOT yours. Note your child's public portfolio will only display their first name NOT their last name. If you have two talented children, then you need to create an account for each of them.

As a safety measure, we recommend that child members do NOT use their full name as their member ID. The member ID does not need to contain the member's name, it can be any combination of letters and numbers, and will be the direct webaddress of the member's portfolio at New Faces. Example: http://www.newfaces.com/memberID

Step 2)
Enter personal details: Enter your child's information (age, height, etc.) Also under location, we suggest putting in the nearest large town or city, instead of an identifying exact location.

Step 3)
Upload a clear, professional looking photo. The photo file size should be between 10k- 2000K. For more photo instructions, visit http://www.newfaces.com/photo-tips.php

Step 4)
When creating your account you'll be given the option of Basic (free) or a premium account: Silver, Platinum or Elite. The better your account is, the more photos and details you'll be able to post, which increases the chances that a casting agent will want to contact you. It also allows you access to the special members-only casting areas of the forums. Click on the SELECT button near the bottom of the page for the type of account you want.

[-] Q. Why doesn't my portfolio show up in the talent search?


There are several reasons why this could happen:

1. If you did not upload a photo to your portfolio, then it will not show up, because only portfolios with photos get displayed in the search. This is because without a photo, an agent or casting director can't tell what you look like and therefore can not consider you for any jobs. Therefore it is important that you upload a clear, professional looking photo of yourself in your LaunchPad member area (under the Photos tab). For tips and examples on what type of photos to upload, see our Photo Tips article.

2. Another reason could be that you didn't fill in your member information correctly - perhaps your age, location, gender, etc. was filled in incorrectly and doesn't match what you are now entering in your search.

[-] Q. I'm not sure how to upload my video to my portfolio

ANSWER: To upload your video, just log into the NewFaces.com member Launchpad area and click on the "Photos and Videos" tab, then on the "Videos" tab.

You will first need to upload your video to either Google Video (set it to Private at Google Video if you don't want it to display at Google Video) or www.YouTube.com and copy the "Embed" code (on the right hand side of the video in YouTube) and paste the Embed code into the "Videos" area in your New Faces LaunchPad.

Please note that only upgraded members (Basic Extra, Silver, Platinum, and Elite member levels) can display video on their New Faces portfolios. Free Basic members can not display video on their portfolio page.

[-] Q. How do I convert my measurements from British or Continental to American?

ANSWER: To convert your measurements from British or Continental to American, please use our Size Conversion Chart.


Our normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Before contacting New Faces, please make sure that your question isn't already answered in one of our Frequently Asked Questions listed above (click on a question to see the answer) or on our How New Faces Works page.

Please note:
Elite, Platinum and Silver Members get priority response.

Upgraded Members:
Please allow one to two business days for a response.

Basic/Free Members and Non-Members:
Although we try to respond to all business email in a timely fashion, please note that there are no guarantees of response time for free Basic memberships or non-members, due to the high volume of queries received.
New Faces® toll-free number: 888-417-7208