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The most asking questions and answers from the director of FIGARO model agency Alla Amantova, growing up the whole generation of successful models.

From what age you can start the model career?
To start the model career it`s better from 14 years old for that there will be the experience and professional portfolio at 16 years old. And model is able to work in Paris and New York City.

What height should have a model?
The standard height of model is from 174 sm to 180 sm. But there are exceptions. FIGARO has successful models with height 168 sm.

What measurements should have a model?
The measurements of models should not be more than generally accepted standards 90-60-90 as all designers all over the world make their clothes for the fashion shows with such standards. And if the measurements of model are more even if 1-2 sm., she just will not get into these clothes.

What type of face should have a model?
These days in the modeling except classic, beautiful doll faces there are requested unusual, interesting types. But to see if your type is available or not, it`s able professional only.

What hair should have a model?
In model business has been always valued highly long, healthy, not colored hair without fringe.

Is it necessary the knowledge of foreign languages for a model?
The knowledge of English language is OBLIGATORY as in model business all over the world speak exactly in English language. But if you speak additionally French, Japanese or other foreign language, it would be appreciated by the agencies where you will work.

If a model starts her career from 14-16 years old, how she will be able to study? Or you think the education is not necessary for a model?
The education for modern model is obligatory.
The model business has changed a lot for last years, and just beautiful faces do not keep long in modeling. A lot of FIGARO models combine work with study successfully and graduate schools and universities with honors. Usually they study by correspondence or distantly. These days there are a lot of such opportunities all over the world.

Is there sense what nationality I am?
It is not important for us what nationality you are. In FIGARO is working more than 1000 models from 5 continents and all they are different.

Is it necessary to study to become a model?
Off course it is necessary to study for modeling as for any other profession. Any reasonable person does not lie under the knife of surgeon who did not study anywhere and cannot operate.
And well any good designer will not invite the model for his fashion show if she did not study and cannot walk great on the podium.
Any good photographer will not invite the model for the photo shoot if she cannot make any poses.
And you will not be picked up in any castings if you do not look as a model. But it also should be studied.

What does portfolio mean?
Portfolio is the result of the model`s work level.
If you are the beginner, your portfolio will be with several test photos were made by professional photographer.
Portfolio of professional model is with cavers and pages from glossy magazines. The agency represents a model to the clients exactly with the help of portfolio.

How to start the career internationally?
It is necessary to apply to well knowing mother agency with unstained reputation which is working for the development of model career internationally.
By no means do not try to find foreign agency by your own or by any recommendations of your friends. With one incorrect step you can mar your career and also your life.

Is it safe to travel abroad?
I can only answer regarding the situation with safety in FIGARO.
FIGARO has more than 300 trustworthy partners, model agencies all over the world. And we know each agency personally. The list of FIGARO trustworthy partners has been gained for years, and only the best agencies got into this list. They worry not only about earnings of models but also about the main thing is the safety of models during all the time being abroad.
So we guarantee that all our models never will be offered anything insulting, humiliating or hurting model`s pride and honor.
We broke off contractual relationship with foreign agency only because of the reason that the manager of this agency raised his voice at our model.
Our models are under the protection of FIGARO during all the time being abroad.

Can my mother be accompanying person in traveling abroad?
Off course she can. But you should understand that we give the ticket and accommodation only for a model. But mother`s ticket and accommodation will be paid by her own.

In what cities do FIGARO models work?
All cities that FIGARO models work in, you can see at our web site in category Fashion cities.

Please inform regarding the level of models earnings.
The modeling gives the opportunity for yang girls to earn big money. Their earnings can be compared with earnings of top managers of large companies.
For the example, I can say that father of one our model stopped working as big official saying that he does not take so many bribes for the year as how much his daughter earns for one trip .

Where do models live when they work abroad?
The beginners are offered the apartments-rooms are provided with all necessary stuff. These rooms are fitted out with Internet and television. Often there are swim pool, gym room and security service by model apartments.
Top models usually live in special hotels that were picked up by all their wishes.

What do models do at their free time?
At the free time of the work models can visit museums, parks, theaters and all places of interest learning the culture and traditions of the countries where they work.

Can I be model of FIGARO if there is no your representation in my city?
Yes, you can. Please fill up Model Form at our web site and we will send all necessary instructions if your personal information is interesting for us.

How I will be connected with my relatives when I am abroad?
Every model working abroad is given the telephone. Models connect with agencies and relatives over it.

How do you think what good things are in model profession?
I often ask my models what is important for them in model business.
Money? Yes!
Regular trips abroad? Yes!
But nothing can compare with the thing when the stylist makes for you beautiful hairstyle, great make up, when you are dressed into gorgeous dress from your favorite designer and YOU GO TO BRIGHT LIGHT PODIUM.
You are walking slowly, looking forward and feeling by skin admiring looking of public. And when you reach the border of podium, and suddenly as if woke up from freezing all photographers like crazy begin to click their shutters blinding you with a lot of flashes …
Nothing can compare with this enthusiastic feeling which you enjoy at this moment, looking at the hall and seeing how your idols applaud to you, sitting in the first ranks – singers, actors, designers. And at this moment YOU become the idol for them.
I think that model profession – the best profession for yang girl where she can realize all her wishes and dreams.
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