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im nasrullah sailab i live in uae i want to be an actor i know i can do acting i even did in school plays but need a chance to do it on a big screen my age is 15 live in UAE SHARJAH
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I looked at your portfolio page and saw that you do not have a photo uploaded. You are a free basic member which means you can upload one photo, but you have no photo. How do you expect to have anyone give you an audition or contact you about work, if you are virtually anonymous with NO photo.

It is the photos that are the essential ingredient for getting auditions - the better your photos are and the more photos you have in your portfolio the bigger your chances are.

It is not rocket science, to realize that no one would hire an actor or a model without even seeing any photos of them!
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Getting an agent would be a good step but I wonder about how you would be treated at home in the UAE at 15 by putting your face on the internet. If your family is open-minded than there should be no problem. You could try putting one with a scarf that is customary for young and older women where traditionally in your country. One can also contact an agent by snail mail and avoid the on-line line experience but it takes much longer.
Another thing is looking for whatever workshops there may be in your community to get started. Community theater is a great stepping stone acting where you can hone your skills and even get a DVD of a performance that you can use to build a portfolio. Keeping track of what you participate in and keeping proof of it by keeping a theater bill or program where you appear and so on is to your advantage. Look and see if you can do independent film work in the UAE. Let me know how it works for you.
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Where are your photos?
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