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Post    Post subject: how secure and safe i am with the agencies who will hire me? Reply with quote

i am just concerned about my safety against human trafficking with the agencies or employers if ever they are going to hire me? Will New Faces be responsible if any case like this is going to happen?
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Post    Post subject: Safety issues Reply with quote

Newfaces.com provides an online portfolio service whereby a model or actor can get international exposure to casting agents, modeling agencies and film scouts, etc. but it is your responsibility to ensure that whatever auditions or jobs that you accept are valid and safe.

Newfaces.com is not the organization that does the auditions or the hiring for jobs.

Agents and agencies, etc. can sign up as members of New Faces, and we currently have a total of over 300,000 members. Any members who are signed up as agents, scouts, agencies, photographers and industry pros are NOT employees of newfaces.com

Before going on any audition or accepting a job, you should verify that the person or business that is offering the job is a legitimate business. Some steps in verifying could include: checking their website, verifying contact info, phone number, "googling" them, etc. And also asking for references.

Plus even after verifying the person or organization, you should always bring along an adult friend or family member with you to the audition and to the job site.

BTW, I see that your photo in your portfolio is not the real photo of you, since it is a royalty-free photo that we are aware of. Please REMOVE it and upload an actual photo of yourself, since it is fraudulent to use someone else's photo in your portfolio and of course, also will not get you any jobs.
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