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Hi, I'm brand new and looking to become an actor/voice actor/glamour model.

I live in the Toronto area (Markham). Can anyone recommend good places to start? I hear there are many scam agencies to look out for. But most of the reputable ones seem to be looking for experienced models that are at least 5'8".

I have an interview with CA Model and Talent Agency in Toronto in a few weeks. Their website seems very good and catered to beginners of all ages with no experience. What are your opinions about them and how much should I expect them to charge me? (I spoke on the phone with them and they told me there would be a registration fee).

They are on the ACTRA No Cheque list which is why I'm a little concerned :

I've read that reputable agencies would not charge upfront fees, but rather take a percentage of your pay. I do not know if this applies to beginners though.

Also looking for recommendations on acting classes for adult beginners in the Greater Toronto Area (maybe that would help me find some experience and connections?).

Thanks in advance!
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Please be advised that if an agency is asking for an upfront fee, you should think twice. Legitimate agencies only ask for upfront fees under circumstances when a model or actor needs new headshots or comp cards. However, legitimate agencies will always offer you the option of paying for these headshots right after you get your first job and earn money.

If this modeling/ talent agency insists on making you pay an upfront fee and does not offer you to pay for it after you've earned money through your first job, then the wisest move would be to get away from them.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
The New Faces Team
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