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We're new to the site and I just wanted to know if anybody had any pointers? We just had my daughter's picture taken the other day so that is currently the only one we have at the moment. She's still very young right now, 3 months, but I wanted to start researching the possibility of getting her into something like modeling. I figured it would be a great opportunity if anything came out of it. We live in the DC Metro area and I'm sure there are places around here where we could have them look at her but I'm just trying to get as much information on this as possible before we really do anything.
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She really is cute :)

Using her upgraded account, she can apply to castings listed on our castings page at http://www.newfaces.com/castingcalls-auditions.php. She could also contact Agents and Photographers using our Member Messaging System. Send member messages to agents and photographers you like and link them to her portfolio.
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I don't even know why but I am so excited that I found this website and that I am working on my little girl's portfolio still, but she is just so funny, and energetic and full of surprises that my husband and I keep talking about submitting her info in one of the modeling agencies, but this is so far the best thing I've seen!

I don't have any professional pictures of her, but I'm ecstatic to start working on that too because she's my flower and she makes everything more fun, so this will be an adventure for her!

The only thing that will probably make a lot of agencies skip her portfolio is that we live in Louisville, but I am willing to take her to other cities, if I hope she gets that call! :))
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