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Post    Post subject: New Member - Help About Upgrading! Reply with quote

I just created a profile on this site.

I have discovered that with basic membership, one can not view casting calls.

So my questions are: Is it worth upgrading? Do you think I would have a better chance with more photos?
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Post    Post subject: re: The Point of This site is??? Reply with quote

The free "basic" portfolios don't get the same exposure as the larger paid portfolios. When a casting agent does a search, the paid portfolios appear above the free portfolios in the search results. Plus the free basic portfolio only has one photo which isn't too helpful for a casting director, whereas the paid portfolios have from 7 to 37 photos (depending on the portfolio package you purchase). See http://www.newfaces.com/packages-talent.html for a chart comparing all the packages.

Only the three types of professional portfolios get access to the castings postings - not the free 1-photo basic portfolios.

Re your question about jobs through the site, you should read the testimonials page, at http://www.newfaces.com/testimonials/ from members about the jobs they've gotten.

If you're serious about starting your acting career and succeeding, you should consider upgrading your newfaces portfolio from the free basic one to one of their professional portfolio packages.

Good luck!
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We just created a new Forum section called "About NewFaces.com" for discussions like this and about the site. Hope that helps!
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Post    Post subject: REPLY Reply with quote

If you want to get noticed you will need to stand out.

Lots of competition.....and your photos must be spectacular!

Feel free to contact me if I can help.
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