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Post    Post subject: Claudia Schiffer On Plastic Surgery Reply with quote

"I'm just a healthy organic person, so the idea of doing something to my skin that's not organic, that doesn't really agree with me – and I'm very squeamish. The other thing is that I have a lot of friends my age and we are getting older at the same time and at the same rate more or less."

Of course. With a Brigitte-Bardot-face like hers and a circle of friends that are equally affluent and successful as she has become, there's nothing to worry actually.

But Claudia Schiffer also says she would "never say never to surgery." She just hopes that it doesn't come to that.

Working in an industry that's obsessed with youth, I hope she will not be "that" anxious about ageing in the long run. Because when anxiety goes up to her head, she would eat everything she said about plastic surgery to embrace the faux "fountain of youth."
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