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Post    Post subject: Beautiful Elle Macpherson Vows Her Co-Stars! Reply with quote

Models can't act? Haha, definitely not. Supermodel Elle Macpherson is, in fact, apple of the eye in the set of "The Beautiful Life."

Elle plays a model agent in the new US show and no one has complained about her acting and professionalism on the set. Even her co-stars are loving her presence and get star-struck (or should I say, model-struck) working with her.

Her greatest fan? The beautiful Sara Paxton:

"I become Elle's personal assistant – when she's around, she's so beautiful, I'm like 'Elle, would you like the fruit platter?' 'Elle, cheese plate?' and they're like, 'Sara, you're in this scene, calm down... I forget sometimes what I'm doing."

Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical) believes that the supermodel is making a BIG impact on the cast and crew:

"When Elle walks on set, heads turn and she doesn't even walk, she floats!"

Mischa Barton, also familiar face in modeling, simply says "Elle's great."
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