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Post    Post subject: how does this truely work? Reply with quote

Does this site truely work? I cannot do movies for now because i am in the military but hoping to atleast do a commercial or something to start off. I am hoping for some tips or atleast a story of real results.
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Post    Post subject: You need to knock on success's door Reply with quote

For success stories of both basic and upgraded members, visit:
http://www.newfaces.com/testimonials/ and there's also testimonials in the Success STory contest page at

Anyone wanting to become a model or an actor needs to be "pro-active" and not just sit waiting to be discovered.

First you need to put up the best photos possible of yourself, then you need to start to promote yourself and apply to castings.

Swapping links either through your "My Top 10 List" section of your portfolio, or on external sites, blogs, etc. is an excellent way of increasing your visibility. And if you have a blog, or face book page or my space page, etc. be sure to make a link back to your portfolio page at newfaces.com

If you are serious about having a modeling or acting career, then it's important to increase your visibility. One easy way to do that is to swap links with other members in your "My Top 10 List" section of your portfolio. (You add members to the list from your Launchpad when you are logged in.)

It's similar to the benefits of Reciprocal Linking, and can help drive more traffic to your portfolio, hence more visibility, hence more chances of
getting noticed and cast.

Next suggestion, your portfolio is able to display video too. Many digital cameras can also take video, so i would suggest that yourself either reading from a script (say what the script is at the beginning of the video) or just introducing yourself and telling about your experience, abilities and career interests so that a casting director would get a sense of what you than just from a photo.

The instructions about how to store the video on youtube.com and paste the embed code for the video is in your "My Photos & Videos" tab and also i think maybe in the newfaces FAQ/Help page.

Another suggestion, is to contact agents directly via the Member Message System, and also to apply directly to the Castings that are relevant for your age and skills.

Good luck!
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