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Newfaces.com is not a traditional agency, but an online portfolio service which gives its members international exposure for top castings directly.

We charge NO commission fees and take NO money from any jobs you may get through your membership at newfaces.com

Newfaces.com offers both FREE portfolios and upgraded portfolios.

Well it is true if you were represented by a traditional agency like Ford or Elite, you wouldn’t have to pay for castings or to belong to the agency, you also need to know that traditional agencies take a commission fee from every job you get. They typically take 15% or more from every single job that you get through their agency. Their commission fee is deducted before they pay you the remaining money. Traditional agencies make their money by keeping part of the earnings from each job that their models or actors get.

A big benefit of getting modeling or acting jobs through your newfaces.com portfolio is that you don't have to pay a 15% commission to an agency. But remember, if you are not signed with an agency which is trying to get you castings, you have to be ready to make an effort to promote yourself by having professional looking photographs of yourself at your newfaces.com portfolio and by applying directly to castings that you are suited for at http://www.newfaces.com/castingcalls-auditions.php

Even a member with a free account at newfaces.com, does have the opportunity of being contacted by an agent or agency about auditions or jobs.

Any upgraded (non-Basic) member can also directly contact any level of members including Basic members.

The advantage of an upgraded membership versus a free/Basic membership is that you can contact other members and also you can directly contact the Industry Pro members at newfaces.com including agents, agencies, tv and movie producers, etc.

Upgraded members can apply to the numerous castings listed at
whereas free/Basic members can not directly apply to castings.

Another advantage of an upgraded membership, is you are able to upload more photos in your portfolio which makes it more likely you will be considered for auditions since additional photos give the casting agent a better idea of your look.

Upgraded portfolios can also include much more detailed stats, job preferences, even video of you, which can give you a real advantage in being contacted by agents.

However, there are members who only have the free basic portfolio who have been contacted and gotten great jobs - it's just that your chances of success increase with the benefits from an upgraded portfolio.

For success stories of both basic and upgraded members, visit:
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