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Post    Post subject: Why is finding reliable Tween/Teen talent so hard? Reply with quote

Hi All!

I'm a very professional photographer and I shoot many different type of fashion related photography. I'm throwing this out there to see if I'm doing something wrong to attract the talent I need.

I recently was hired by a European swimwear designer (who wants to use USA models and locations) and a teen glamour web site to shoot tween/teen models for PAID opportunities. The ages range from 12-18. I've tried sending individual emails to potential models, posting a casting here and other sites and even posting on Craigslist (which I hate to do).

Could you please give me your feedback as to what I might do to better find the models I need.


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Post    Post subject: RE: Teen Glamour Models Reply with quote

I think it's because tween/teen girls are technically children and their parents/guardians don't like them posing for glamour shots yet. Regardless if you're a professional photographer or not, it's the thought of these teen girls posing in their swimsuits that makes some parents uncomfortable.

Not a few teens are game for swimsuit/glamour shots though, although it won't be that easy to find one compared to 18+ models.

Why don't you make your casting notice open-ended (never expire) so anyone who reads the ad won't think the project is over?

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That's exactly what I want to but its hard when with school and when you don't have a car and can't travel that much.
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