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Hello I am new to this site and I was wondering if anyone could give me any great advice. please and thank you very kindly Blessed be!!!<3 :lol:
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Hi Kentea,

First of all you have to post a good, quality picture of yourself. Make sure that it is clear, not taken in from a webcam, the more professional the better (but you can do so with just a digital camera), has a nice background (not cluttered) and most of all you must be alone in that picture. Here are some tips for you on taking a good photo, http://www.newfaces.com/photo-tips.php.

Next, try to assess yourself and know that in the real world, photographers and agents would want to see more pictures of a person that they would like to hire. So the more quality photos you post, the better your chances are to be seen by those clients who browse the site. In order for you to post more stats about yourself and most of all, more photos, you have to upgrade. Here's a link to explain you the differences, http://www.newfaces.com/packages-talent.html.

Now the higher your account, the more chances you have to be placed on the top searches by photographers, talent scouts and agents to see. Hope I was able to shed light on the matter. ;)
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