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Is your ambition to be a successful model or actor and be considered for top assignments? The New Faces Models & Talent™ interactive online registry can help you get the exposure that can make the difference.

  • Is New Faces™ an agency?
    What advantages does New Faces Models & Talent have over my local agency?
    Does New Faces Models & Talent make any money when I get a job? Answer

  • What type of response are the models and actors getting? Answer

  • How will agencies, casting directors, etc. contact me? Answer

  • Does it matter where I live? Answer

  • Do I need experience? Answer

  • What kind of photos do I need? What size, etc.?
    What if I can't afford professional photos? Answer

  • Can you retouch/airbrush my photos?
    (ex. undereye circles, blemishes, redness, contrast, etc.) Answer

  • By joining New Faces Models & Talent will I be guaranteed work?
    Can you give me examples of work that talent on your site regularly receives? Answer

  • Can you give me advice on how to become a model or actor? Answer

  • I have some great nude photos, can I add them to my portfolio at New Faces Models & Talent? Answer

  • NewFaces.com vs. the Competition: How does NewFaces.com stack up? Answer

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Is New Faces an agency? What advantages does New Faces Models & Talent have over my local agency?

New Faces Models & Talent is not an agency in the traditional sense of the word. We provide the premier online service for models, actors and child talent to display their portfolios on and get job offers from.

Our online portfolio service is known as the best in the business and has been launching supermodels and top actors and child talent since 1995.

A big advantage of NewFaces.com over a typical modeling or talent agency is that, unlike an agency which takes 20% commission on every dollar you make, New Faces Models & Talent takes no commission - $0 - from each job you get through your portfolio!

Additional advantages of New Faces Models & Talent over a local agency:

1. You may live in Chicago (for example) and have a unique look or talent that fits the market in Paris and London but not Chicago, which means that unless you get worldwide casting exposure through New Faces Models & Talent, you are missing valuable opportunities!

2. An agency in Chicago may send your photo (along with 50 others) to local castings for catalog work but not to castings for editorial or television. On New Faces Models & Talent, your portfolio will be seen by casting agents from around the world looking for talent & models for editorial, television, film, commercials, runway and more!

3. With New Faces Models & Talent you have the opportunity to get modeling contracts not only with local agencies in Chicago but also top agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo... anywhere in the world!

If you already have an agency: Your participation in New Faces Models & Talent should not conflict with any modeling/talent agency contracts. You and your agency should only benefit from your increased exposure. A bonus for you: If you choose not to go through an agency for the jobs you get on newfaces.com, you will not have to pay any commission on the money you make!

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What type of response are the models and actors getting?

The models, actors and child talent on New Faces™ have always gotten, and continue to get tremendous response from legitimate casting and modeling agents. New Faces Models & Talent is visited and emailed regularly by top modeling agencies and casting scouts. Most of the models and actors get weekly modeling jobs, parts in movies and free photoshoots regularly as a result of being listed on NewFaces.com

Read some testimonials

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How will agencies, casting directors, etc. contact me?

Users will contact you directly. Each portfolio links to an interactive form which agents can use to contact you. The user must enter his or her company/agency name, phone number, address, etc. and the info will be emailed to you automatically. Your email will not be made public.

Although it is not necessary, you may also choose to have additional contact information. New Faces Models & Talent suggests that you consider your means of being contacted very carefully. The best ways of being contacted are: an answering service, another phone number that is not your home number (a business, etc.), your agency's phone number, a fax number, or a P.O. Box. Please do not list your home phone number or address in your portfolio.

With a Silver or higher portfolio, you will also gain access to our Casting Calls Forum, where you may choose to contact some of the casting agents and bookers listed in this area directly.

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Does it matter where I live?

The great thing about the Internet is that it definitely does not matter where you live. Someone who lives in Singapore will still get the same amount of exposure to modeling and casting agents on New Faces Models & Talent as someone who lives in New York. New Faces Models & Talent's Web Site is intended and designed to maximize exposure world wide, thus helping you to be seen by the right person, no matter where you live.

In fact, for those living in small towns or countries in Europe and Asia, being on NewFaces.com is a smart decision as it will get your portfolio seen by casting agents in the major modeling markets such as New York, Paris, LA, etc. If you are offered a job in another city, most often you will negotiate with the casting agent, producer or agency to have them pay for your travel expenses, flight and hotel.

Yet another advantage to an Online Portfolio on NewFaces.com:
You may live in Chicago (for example) and have a unique look or talent that fits the market in Hamburg and Singapore but not Chicago, which means that unless you get worldwide casting exposure through New Faces Models & Talent, you are missing important career-making opportunities!

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Do I need experience?

Not necessarily. Many people from many different backgrounds have been successful in the performing arts industry. Models and actors with little or no experience are chosen for large parts in movies, TV commercials, TV shows and more -- every day! Because of New Faces Models & Talent's world wide exposure, you will have the chance to be seen by scouts looking for someone exactly like you.

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What if I can't afford professional photos?

Keep in mind: the more professional your photos are the more job offers you will likely receive. If you can afford it, get professional photos taken (if you don't have some already). If you can't afford it then you should consider getting shots taken at a photo studio like Glamour Shots rather than only submitting snapshots.

Get someone you know is good at photography (a friend or a parent) to take some photos of you. Emulate simple, professional ones from magazines - take a variety of them in different clothes with different makeup and hair (some natural, some more done-up). Photographers will likely contact you through your online portfolio and ask if you want to do free photoshoots to get better photos.

Note: More pictures in your online portfolio are necessary to show experience in other areas (i.e., swimsuit, high fashion, hands/legs, etc.) Submitted pictures should be in-focus, clear and of the highest quality possible.

To have photographs digitized, go to Kinkos Copy Center and have them scan and email them to you. For your New Faces portfolio, you'll need them to be 72 dpi JPG/jpeg and 600 pixels tall, good quality. All photos should be in-focus, clear and of the highest quality possible. Please make sure that the images are high-quality digital, not blurry, and look clear like a real photograph.

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Can you touch-up my photos? (ex. under-eye circles, blemishes, redness, contrast, etc.)

Yes, we offer professional photo airbrushing/retouching at the rate of $38. per photo to both members and non-members. We believe that you should have the same advantages that models in magazines do. Our photo retouching experts use the same programs that advertising agencies use to re-touch your photos like they do in magazines.

If you provide us with a high-resolution scan we will retouch the photo and send it back (in the same resolution as it was sent to us). You can then have the image printed on photographic paper.

If you order 5 or more photos to be retouched we will mail you a CD with the retouched images (please request in correspondence).

VIEW EXAMPLES / Order Photo Enhancement/Retouching

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By joining New Faces Models & Talent will I be guaranteed work?

The models and actors on New Faces Models & Talent get regular job offers from top TV shows, magazines, agencies, etc. View a list of recent examples.

No reputable modeling/talent agency or sevice can guarantee work. If they do, this is a warning of a scam. New Faces Models & Talent can't guarantee job placement for its members because the amount of jobs a model or actor gets largely depends on the quality of the model's photographs, the model or actors 'look' and what is in demand.

That said, considering the response our models, actors and child talent have been getting, you do have a very good chance of landing many modeling and acting jobs. New Faces Models & Talent's Web Site is designed to maximize exposure world wide, thus helping you to be seen by the right person. We get more traffic (over 8 million hits per month) than any of our competitors, which translates into more opportunity for you to be seen by the 'right' person.

Your exclusive Career LaunchPad® gives you access to listings of recent casting calls and job offers, which dramatically increases your chances of getting work. (You may choose to follow these offers up if they are suited to your talent/look.)

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Can you give me advice on how to become a model or actor?

We regret that due to the number of requests we receive daily, we can not give personal advice on a persons modeling or acting potential. However, we do provide New Faces Magazine, which is full of advice for models, actors and parents.

If you are looking for modeling advice, we recommend the Insider's Guide to Modeling or A Parent's Guide to Child Talent .

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I have some great nude photos, can I add them to my portfolio at New Faces Models & Talent?

Some other modeling sites post nude shots in an attempt to drive extra traffic to their site. However, the traffic that these sites get are not from qualified industry casting professionals, but from web surfers hunting for nude photographs. New Faces Models & Talent does not allow nude photos to be posted on the site for two reasons. First, this would attract the wrong kind of attention to the professional models and actors at New Faces Models & Talent, and secondly, nude photographs would not project a professional image to casting agents.

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NewFaces.com vs. the Competition: How does NewFaces.com stack up?

New Faces Models & Talent was the very first portfolio service on the Internet. We have been around since summer 1995, longer than ANY of our competition and are the premier online talent database, used by top industry professionals.

Business Practice:

  • Since we were established in 1995, the Better Business Bureau has not had one complaint against us, NewFaces.com. It is our #1 priority to make sure that each and every one of our clients is satisfied with our service and their online portfolio.
  • Read the following two investigative reports into eModelTalent/eModel/OptionsTalent company: Fox 5 News and Kron 4 Bay Area News.

  • Read the Better Business Bureau file on eModelTalent.com aka. eModel.com & Options Talent (also look under "Additional Doing-Business-As Names" in file.)
  • Read the Better Business Bureau file on ModelNetwork.com (also look under "Additional Doing-Business-As Names" in file.)

Compare to ANY Modeling Portfolio Site:

  • New Faces Models and Talent has models and actors -- therefore, if you are in the models section, the casting directors for movies, TV and commercials who frequent this site (to look at the actors and also check out the models) will see your photo. Other sites that just focus on models will only have people who are interested in looking at fashion models (ie. usually not film/TV or commercial casting directors) viewing their site and you will miss being cast in any film work.
  • Some sites, such as models.com, only allow modeling agencies to register - not casting directors, talent agencies, magazine scouts, etc. (Models.com also does not have actors - see previous point.) Many other sites require registration before viewing portfolios - this cuts down on the number of casting agents and agencies viewing a models photos. Many will not have time or want to register and therefore will not view the photos.

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Recent Testimonials:

"Investing in an online portfolio on New Faces Models & Talent is the best decision I have ever made. New Faces Models & Talent's packages are cheaper and better than the competition and I made back my money ten fold in the first few months! Thank you for having such a great (and popular!) site."
- Savanna Lopez (Actress)

"My portfolio on your site has gotten me more acting jobs in feature films and commercials than I ever imagined. I recommend New Faces Models & Talent to all my actor friends and I would recommend it to any model or actor who wants to start or help their career in a short amount of time without spending a lot of money. Thank you New Faces!!"
- Stephen (Actor)

"I am VERY happy with my page and my son's page. He is getting lots of work from this. I would like to pass along the good word. My son Dylan just booked a pilot for a Disney series that will shoot in June or July. That was through New Faces. We are also on 2nd call backs for a big spokesmodel job that could land Dylan a 4 year contract and more exposure than anyone could hope for. They also found Dylan on New Faces!!"
- Mother of Dylan (Child Talent)

"I almost didn't sign up with New Faces Models & Talent because I wasn't sure I would get any jobs out of it. Boy am I glad I decided to take a chance! I have been contacted by so many photographers and modeling agents! I've already booked three jobs - in a month! I am SO thrilled at the response I've had."
- Emma (Model)

"All I can say is that New Faces Models & Talent is the best online talent service on the Internet. I have tried others with no response, but the job offers just keep coming in with New Faces Models & Talent."
- Catalin (Male Model)

"I have gotten many acting jobs from being listed on the site [New Faces Models & Talent]. It has given me the boost I needed to start my career."
- Blair (Actor)

"I just wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude. Your service has done wonders for my twins careers! They have gotten two commercials, a part in a feature film, and lots of catalog work in the first couple months of being on your site. They are currently auditioning for a sitcom and it looks like they will get it! All because of your site! Thanks again..."
- Mother of Breanna and Tiffany (Child Talent)

"I used to be with New Faces many years ago and I was choosen to be a part of a Barbie commercial (Angel Face Barbie). I was about 6 years old at the time..."
- Melissa (Child Talent)

"The response to my online portfolio has been amazing. I have gotten SO MANY jobs because of it! I honestly don't think I would be where I am today (career-wise) without it. I have been contacted by and signed with top agencies in L.A., NYC and Toronto through NewFaces.com and have even done magazine covers and editorials because of my online portfolio! I recommend NewFaces.com to all my industry friends, some of who signed up and are getting as many modeling and acting jobs as me now."
- Hillary (Actress)

"Since I've had my pics up I've shot 2 commercials. I also got noticed and worked with a well-known photographer in NYC. I also got signed with Highlite Model and Casting Agency. A lady from Mountain Dew called me and wants me to do promotions for them. I'm about to be on a calender because if my pics on your site. I even got offered a chance to go on the Ricki Lake show. Plus I have lots of more offers I'm looking at right now. All because my pics where on Newfaces.com."
- Jerry Robinson (Model)

"Thank you for putting me on your website. I like how you arranged it and I am very happy to see that I am already (in the two days my portfolio has been online) getting responses from a top agency and a magazine which is just great!"
- Romi (Model)

"Just wanted to show my appreciation for all you have done with my portfolio page! About a year ago my uncle made me a website, since then I have been begging him to update it, but to no avail, it seems he doesn't have the time. Along came you, and now, although it is much smaller than my site, I have a place where people can view my résumé and some of my newer work.
First let me say that I am very happy with the response I have been getting due to your site. Today I recieved a letter from one of the biggest agencies in NY requesting to see my book in person. I have your site to thank for it! I am telling all my friends about your site, as I have contact with a large community of makeup artists and photographers! I'll let you know how my appointment goes, and thank you once again!"
- Dyana Aives (Makeup Artist)

"I just wanted to say good job and keep up the good work. And thank you for warning us of scams when they come to your attention. I have gotten much work from your site, more than from any other site, and I feel your site is the most reasonably priced as well. My experience with you has been great, and I hope the success will continue."
- Reta (Model)

"Just wanted to let you know Dylan just booked a starring role in a feature film. The movie is called Crab Orchard and is a family drama starring Ed Asner and Judge Reinhold (and Dylan!) We start shooting June 2nd in Illinois. Dylan made this contact through New Faces. Another recent contact is a company from the Philippines who is going to promote Dylan as their main pre-teen model for the European market. He will be doing work for GAP, GUESS, Colors, Nike and many others."
- Mother of Dylan (Child Talent)

"I'm an actor and my pic and resume are posted on newfaces.com! This has helped my career by making me accessible to filmmakers worldwide. Since I recently signed on I've been contacted by film companies in NYC to work on projects. They would never have been exposed to me if it wasn't for newfaces.com!"
- Benjamin (Actor)

"Dear New Faces Models & Talent: VMH Models loves your site and we always find a great new girl to represent every time we visit. VMH Models greatly appreciates all referrals to our agency. Thank you very much."
- VMH Models

"I really found your site interesting. Usually we have our scouts look for the models through magazines, competitions and fashion shows but your site really saves a lot of work and research. Thank you very much and I hope to correspond more often."
- Jagrove Modelling Agency

"Thank you very much for what you are doing for our models and our agency - we really appreciate it!!!"
- UP Models

"First of all - we love to scout your site. We are currently dealing with several of the models we have discovered here. We appreciate your cooperation and would gladly allow you to note that we are a highly respected agency that does source your site for new talent on a regular basis."
- GO International Model Management Inc.


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