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Personal Introduction

I'm a professional glamour photographer. My specialty is shooting at the beach or most outdoor location. Most of my outdoor work you see is shot with one strobe light.

Master of Light
I've been told that many times, lol. I've been teaching lighting for over 2 years now. If a photographer tells you that the best time to shoot is after sunset or in the shade more than likely don't know how to shoot in broad daylight. I can teach you how in less than an hour. You'll be amazed with your photos, period.

Looking to be a glamour model and be known around the industry? Do you want to be paid to shoot instead of shooting for free? High quality images in your portfolio is the first thing you need to get you noticed. Poor quality images will only get you booked with clients that want to shoot for free. How can you make a living shooting for free? It is crucial that you start off your portfolio with quality photos. Having 100+ photos that are poor quality is nowhere near as good as having a few photos that are of high quality. To be a successful model you need to invest in eye catching images.

When you shoot with me, you get high quality photos that will get you noticed right away. Why? Because I have many photographers from around the world that check out my porfolio to see who i have shot recently. You will start to get inquiries about booking a shoot within no time. Ready to boost your career and get paid gigs? I have affordable rates so contact me if you like to set up a shoot.

Paid work only
I have low rates. Inquiry about my rates. Just provide some information like the type of shoot you like to do and where.

TF with select models only
I'll shoot TF with you if you have the look i'm looking for. If you have the look, you'll know it. If you want to shoot with me, ask me directly. I don't look at my pic comments or lists. Paid work takes priority.
If I tell you that you don't have the look I'm looking for, please don't ask why. Just move on to the next photographer.

Model information
1. When booking a shoot I require a $25 dollar non-refundable deposit. The deposit will go towards the rate I charge. If you cancel the shoot or don’t show up, you lose the deposit. If i have to cancel you get your deposit back.
2. Don't be late. Text me if you're running late.
3. If you're going to cancel our shoot, at least do it the night before so I can schedule with another model. If you cancel just hours before our shoot then you just wasted my day/night.
4. I don’t mind if you bring a boyfriend or husband as long as they don’t interfere. They should be off in the distance, next room playing Angry Birds or at Starbucks. If they interfere I will stop the shoot.
5. One friend is ok to bring. But bringing two or three friends? Really?
6. Stay away from black lingerie/bikinis. Purple, red and pink is my preference. Other brighter, non-dull colors will work also.
7. If we shoot at the beach:
a. Don't bring heels. Bring some sandals.
b. Bring some baby/tanning oil.
c. Don’t bring just 1 or 2 outfits. I’m picky so bring at least 5-6 outfits.
d. Bring accessories, like necklaces, earring loops, bangles, bikini wraps (scarves), white button up/open front shirts, denim pant/shorts.
e. Definitely no grandma bikini bottoms. The minimum I will shoot is scrunchies.
f. Don’t bring a suitcase. Bring a backpack or duffle bag.
g. Bring a towel.
h. If it’s a cloudy or gloomy day then don’t expect good images. I use the sun to help create the hot ass images you see in my portfolio. In most cases I’ll just reschedule. Sorry, I have no control over Mother Nature.
8. If we shoot elsewhere:
a. Bring open toe heels with straps. Preferably black. I hate brown heels.
b. Bring matching top and bottom lingerie. The lingerie doesn’t have to be see through but at least look hot on you.
c. Bring sexy club outfits, denim shorts, wife beaters, white open front shirts/sweaters.
9. Make sure your nails are done. French manicure is best.
10. Bring your ID or passport. I need a model release signed and I need to take a picture of your ID.
11. If you think you’re going to be really nervous then don’t schedule a shoot. Your mood shows in your expression. I don’t give out images with bad expressions. Get some more experience and then get back to me.
12. I shoot for quality, not quantity. I’m looking to get several beautiful images, not hundreds of okay images.
13. Study poses from other models portfolio and practice in front of a mirror.
14. Every model is different. Poses, nice tan, muscle tone, wardrobe… Just because I have a hot image from a model, it doesn’t mean I can create it again with you.

Makeup Artists
I've been getting quite a few messages lately from mua wanting to work with me. They are wowed by my work. If you are a mua wanting to collaborate with me then send me a message with your phone number, email, your current location and if possible your availability.

I use Dropbox to upload your pics for viewing. You can also view from your iPhone or Android phone with Dropbox app.

Editing of pics
I usually edit 2 pics the same night and email them to you because I know you're excited to see them. The rest will be edited when I have time. I do have a full time job you know?

I do my own retouching, period.

Friends Request
I only accept from most models or photographers I know.


I'm currently in Irvine and have no plans for travel.


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  • Digital or Film: Digital
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  • Filmography: No


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  • Nearest City #1: Irvine
  • Nearest City #2: Laguna Beach, CA
  • Nearest City #3: Los Angeles, CA
  • Country: United States


  • Agency:

    Represent Me

  • Professional Status:
    Part-time Pro
  • Experience Level:

    Pro for 1-5 Years

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    Depends on Project

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    Yes - Jobs & Non-Jobs

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    Very Flexible on Pay


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