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NAME: Valeria Mazza
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Valeria Mazza MEASUREMENTS: 34A-23.5-35
WEIGHT: 123 lbs
HAIR: Her natural colour is brown but she dyes it blonde.
EYES: Blue-Green
BORN: Feb 17, 1972 in Sario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

DISCOVERED: She was discovered when she was 13 by a hairstylist named Roberto Giordano. Valeria began modeling in Buenos Aires after finishing her high school. She was studying Occupational Therapy when the pull from the world of modeling brought her to the capitals of fashion.

AGENCY: New York-Elite, Paris-Elite, UK-Elite Premier.

INCOME: Makes approx. $8 million (U.S.) per year.

RÉSUMÉ: Valeria's first campaign with GUESS? was photographed in Hawaii by Dewey Nicks, in which she appears with model Ingrid Seynhaeve. She also regularily models for Victoria's Secret, Versace, Escada Sport, Sports Illustrated Magazine, etc. Was MTV House of Style spokesmodel. She has appeared on the cover of US Glamour, US and French Cosmopolitan, Elle Argentina, as well as many other Latin American publications. She graces runways in Paris, Milan and New York.

HOME: She has apartments in New York City; Paris; Parana, Argentina; and Punteste Beach, Uruguay.

SWEETIE: When she was a teenager, her parents allowed her to travel to a photo shoot in Buenos Aires, where she met Alejandro Gravier, a prominent Buenos Aires businessman Mazza met at a fundraiser. She was skeptical about dating a man more than 10 years her senior, but he was persistent. Seven years later, he manages her career, and they are engaged.

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