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Supermodel Naomi Campbell NAME: Naomi Campbell
HEIGHT: 5'9.5"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown (but wears blue and green contacts sometimes).
BORN: May 22, 1970 in Streatham, South London, England.

DISCOVERED: Naomi began her career at 15, when Beth Boldt, an agent at Elite, spotted her walking down a London Street near Covent Garden (and near her school) and offered to have her pictures taken. She grew up in a lower-middle-class London neighborhood.

AGENCY: New York-Ford, Paris-Elite, UK-Elite Premier.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell INCOME: Made approx. $3.6 million (U.S.) in 1994. Her estimated worth in 2000 was $28.9 million.

RÉSUMÉ: In August 1988, when Naomi was just 18, she appeared as the first black woman to grace the cover of a major fashion magazine--French Vogue--and was catapulted to supermodeldom. Naomi has two books out, a novel called 'Swan' which was released in 1995 (it turns out that somebody else wrote most of it) and a book simply titled 'Naomi'. Has a Barbie doll, made to her likeness, for sale. Appeared in music videos for Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Vanilla Ice.

HOME: Has apartments in New York and Stratham, Scotland.

KNOWN FOR: Her unbelievably bad temper tantrums and always being hours late for jobs. She once refused to walk the runway because model Tyra Banks was in the same show. Opened the 'Fashion Café' in New York as a joint venture with Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington.

SWEETIE: She goes through them so fast it's hard to keep track. Her latest fling was with New York nightclub owner Eric Goode.

OTHER: Not too long ago, Naomi did a strip tease at a New York City nightclub, with Bridget Hall and Kate Moss in the audience. It's rumoured that when she and Robert De Niro were dating, she suspected him of spending the night with another woman, so she reported a fire at his apartment. She has a noticable scar on her nose.

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