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Supermodel Heidi Klum Supermodel Heidi Klum NAME: Heidi Klum
HEIGHT: 5'9.5"
WEIGHT: 119 lbs
HAIR: Light Brown
EYES: Hazel
BORN: June 1st, 1973 in Hamburg, Germany but grew up in Bergisch Gladbach, a "small" large city within Cologne. Her father Gunther worked for a cosmetics company and her mother, Erna, is a hairdresser.

DISCOVERED: Heidi, then 18 years old, saw an ad in "Petra" magazine for a competition called "Model '92" and travelled to Munich to compete on TV. She won the competition.

When Heidi started, her card read: Heidi Klum, 1.76m , 89-65-92, green-brown eyes, light brown hair. (5'8", 35-26-36)

AGENCY: New York-Metropolitan

RÉSUMÉ: Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendars, Covers and Editorials. Heidi stars in the movie "Blow Dry" (2001).

KNOWN FOR: Her amazing body and the way guy's go gaga for her. Heidi critiques her smile.

HOME: Germany and New York City.

SWEETIE: She was married hairstylist Ric Pipino from 1999 to 2002. Heidi had child (a girl named Leni) with Formula One tycooon Flavio Briatore. Heidi split from Briatore when she was six months pregnant after it emerged he was having an affair with another younger model. She began dating the singer Seal (real name Sealhenry Samuel) shortly after and wanted to marry him after only a few months, but her Victoria's Secret contract forbade her to. She has since given birth to Seal's child.

SCANDAL: According to Vogue, the millionaire German supermodel has a $2.5 million contract with Victoria's Secret that bans her from "altering her image" in any way - which getting married would do. Victoria's Secret bosses regarded Klum's pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Leni as equally "image hurting" and she was forced to work off the extra pregnancy pounds for a fashion shoot just 34 days after giving birth, or risk losing the contract.

Supermodel Heidi Klum

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