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Actress Denise Richards NAME: Denise Lee Richards
HEIGHT: 5'6"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
BORN: February 17, 1971 in Downers Grove, Illinois but moved to California with her parents at an early age.

DISCOVERED: Denise got into the modeling business at a young age. Immediately after highschool she left to model in Tokyo, Paris and New York. Before long, she became a make-up girl for Bonne Bell. During this time she appeared in numerous swimsuit magazines.

She says: "I lived in a model's apartment with six girls in New York. That was fun. I learned a lot, because a lot of them were older than I was, and they were from all over the world."

Actress Denise Richards RÉSUMÉ: Denise broke into showbusiness by making guest appearances on many, many T.V. shows such as Melrose Place, Married with Children, Lois and Clark, and Weird Science. Denise was finally noticed when she got a big break and appeared as a guest on Seinfeld. After completing that, she appeared in a made for TV movie called Fifth Avenue. Finally she played lead role in Starship Troopers which got her face out there in a lead role.

KNOWN FOR: Her sexy role in the movie Wild Things and being the new Bond Girl (in perhaps the worst James Bond movie ever made.)

SWEETIE: Denise and Patrick Muldoon costarred together in Starship Troopers and have been dating since 1998.

OTHER: Her father is Irv Richards, a former telephone-company employee, who owns the coffee house named 'Jitters' in San Diego with wife Joni.

QUOTE: "Yeah, some kids called me fish lips because I had these really full lips. Now I'm sure all those same girls are getting collagen injections, so I'm having the last laugh." - Denise Richards

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