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NAME: Bridget Hall
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 127 lbs
Supermodel Photos Bridget Hall MEASUREMENTS: 35-26-34
HAIR: Golden Brown
EYES: Hazel
BORN: December 12, 1977 in Springdale, Arkansas, USA. She grew up in Texas.

AGENCY: New York - IMG, Paris - IMG, London - IMG.

INCOME: Made approx. $2 million in 1994. Her estimated worth in 2000 is $3.5 million.

DISCOVERED: Bridget got her first modeling job at the age of 9, modeling for a JC Penney catalog. She became a Guess? girl at age 14 and dropped out of school. She still only has a grade 8 education.

RÉSUMÉ: Has major Ralph Lauren and Maybelline contracts. Modelled for Guess?, Christian Dior, Chanel, Versace, Zara, and Max Factor. Is the chairperson of her own corporation, Bridget Hall Inc. In 1994 she was on the cover of 5 magazines simultaneously. Was on Jay Leto Tonight Show and has also made an appearance in a March episode of TV sitcom, Cybill.

HOME: New York City.

KNOWN FOR: Her all-American freckles and sun-kissed skin.

OTHER: In an Italian restaurant in New York City Bridget announced to the table that she was a vegetarian because "Leonardo explained how the rain forest was being cut down to make more pasture for cows." But when the waiter came she ordered spaghetti with meat sauce. Duh. (Her favorite food is "Hamburgers.") She "hates" sweets.

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