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Supermodel Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. NAME: Antonio Sabato Jr.
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
BORN: February 29, 1972 in Rome, Italy.

DISCOVERED: When Antonio arrived in America, he was a young teenager.

RÉSUMÉ: He replaced Mark Wahlberg as the Calvin Klein underwear boy. Antonio played Jack (Jagger) Cates on General Hospital for two years. He also starred in Steven Spielberg's short-lived TV series called Earth 2. He also guest-starred in six episodes of Melrose Place, in which he played Heather Locklear's husband. He has a small but noteworthy role in movie The Big Hit where he plays a dedicated mercenary opposite fellow hunk Mark Wahlberg.

He is now starting up his own production company called Namtab (Batman spelled backwards.) He has his own book about exercise, filled with photos of himself.

HOME: Has an appartment in New York City. Antonio's father is Italian film star Antonio Sabato Sr.

SWEETIE: He has a son, Jack Antonio, born August 6, 1994 by actress Virginia Madsen. Theirs was a bitter custody battle which he eventually won. "Jack is the most important thing in my life." says Antonio.

Antonio admits he's leery of relationships because "I've been unlucky in love. I'm told I'm too nice. I'm always good to the women in my life so it's easy for them to take advantage of me." Antonio also has to be on the alert for female fans who stalk him. "They're amazing. They learn what hotels I'm staying at and try to get up to my room. The scariest time was when I got a call at 1 am and the women told me she was on a cellular phone just outside my hotel room door. She was. I had to call security to have her removed."

OTHER: Antonio models to pay the bills but his real goal is acting. "I could have been a regular on Melrose Place but I chose just to do a cameo. My goal is to make movies. Melrose Place came along right after Earth 2 was cancelled. I needed something to boost my ego a bit. We all thought with Supermodel Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Steven Spielberg at the helm, Earth 2 was going to be a mega-hit." says Antonio. "I'd have been much further ahead if I'd spoken English when I came to America 12 years ago." explains Sabato. Antonio became a United States citizen in November 1996. Antonio now has his own exercise and diet/nutrition book, No Excuses, filled with photos of... who else? Antonio.

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