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Category :
  • Film & Movie
Date Sent : April 5th, 2011
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, & Los Angeles
Job Country : United States
Expires : May 31st, 2011
Pay Currency : USD
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"Odd Thomas" Principal Actors Casting

Casting companies hold auditions and casting calls in Los Angeles and New Mexico for feature film version of Dean Koontz bestseller "Odd Thomas", starring Anton Yelchin and Lily Collins and to be directed by Stephen Sommers.

The film shoots in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM from May 12, 2011 through July 15, 2011.

The film is under Screen Actors Guild contract. Actors cast in speaking roles will be paid at least the SAG minimum scale pay rate. Extras, stand-ins, and photo doubles will be cast throughout filming.



(These 2 day-player, speaking roles are being cast in New Mexico. However submissions are also being accepted from Texas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona)

1.) FEMALE (8-10; African American) - LEVANNA. Viola's adopted daughter. She understands desertion and survival. She watches over Nicolina, her younger sister. She is endearing and adores Odd Thomas;

2.) FEMALE (6-8; African American) - NICOLINA. Levanna's little sister and heartbreakingly luminous and endearing. She must emanate through her eyes. Our heart goes out to her.

Please ONLY submit if your child is African American and between 5 - 11 years of age. Previous acting experience helpful but NOT required. The film is looking for girls who aren't shy and have a lot of personality.


The following day-player speaking roles are also being cast in Albuquerque. Submissions are being accepted from New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

1.) MALE (12-15; Caucasian) - YOUNG ODD THOMAS. To play age 12. Young Odd is terrified of his Mother. Must resemble young version of actor Anton Yelchin;

2.) FEMALE (7-9; Caucasian) - YOUNG STORMY LLEWELLYN. To play age 8. A teary orphan, must resemble actress Lilly Collins at 8 years of age;

3.) MALE (30s-40s; any ethnicity) - FOREMAN. Likable Marine Corps-type with stunt experience;

4.) FEMALE (18+; any ethnicity) - BRITTANY. Extremely sexy squeeze of Odd's Dad;

5.) FEMALE (24-60; any ethnicity) - NURSE. One of many female nurses attending to the hero;

6.) MALE (18+; any ethnicity) - CARNIVAL GUY. 16ish, angry boyfriend who is pissed at the Fortune Teller;

7.) FEMALE (18+; any ethnicity) - CARNIVAL GIRL. 15ish, any ethnicity, she's crying over the Fortune Teller's prediction;

8.) FEMALE (late 20s; any ethnicity) - BAREFOOT MOM. Ravishing, barefoot at a pool party;

9.) MALE (mid 30s; any ethnicity) - FOSTER DAD. Well-to-do husband, part of a couple that wants to adopt Stormy Llewellyn;

10.) FEMALE (mid 30s; any ethnicity) - FOSTER MOM. Wife, part of a well to do couple that adopts Stormy. Mom freaks when she finds out her husband is a pervert;

11.) FEMALE (60s-80s; Hispanic) - ROSALITA. Older, timid Spanish woman who speaks to Odd Thomas;

12.) MALE (18-25; Hispanic) - MEXICAN TEEN. Also sees dead people and talks to Odd about it.


The following co-starring and supporting roles are being cast in Los Angeles.

1.) MALE (21-25; any ethnicity) - OFFICER SIMON VARNER. Cop on the local police force. He is a handsome, smart cop;

2.) MALE (21-25; any ethnicity) - OFFICER BERN ECKLES. Rookie on the local police force. Big, Strong, muscular;

3.) MALE (21-28; any ethnicity) - HARLO. Was the guy in high school with the cool car. High school is over and he's still clinging to the car. Should be strong with the appearance of being bigger and tougher than Odd;

4.) MALE (30s-50s; any ethnicity) - ROBERT "FUNGUS BOB" ROBERTSON. Creep, pasty man. A wanna-be mass murderer;

5.) MALE (45-55; any ethnicity) - ODD THOMAS' FATHER. Handsome, tan. Player who likes his revolving squeezes to be under age 20;

6.) MALE (24-44; any ethnicity) - KEVIN GROSS. Stormy's teacher at college, ordinary looking thin man who's the shooter at the mall;

7.) MALE (late 30s-50s; any ethnicity) - TOM JEDD. Comic role. He was Odd's Little League Coach. Died driving drunk and singing. He drove off the road and severed his arm. Big and strong.

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